U.S. States With the Best Pipes

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Step aside, traditional plumbing - today, we're exploring the pipes that sing (not the ones that leak). Is it something in the water, or perhaps the air, that nurtures top vocal talent?

We can't say for sure, but we crunched the numbers on a melodious quest to find out which U.S. states have the best singers based on the successful contestants of American Idol and The Voice over the years.

Curious to see if your state has the vocal prowess to top our charts? Read on because the results might have you singing a different tune about your home state!

Which U.S. State Has the Best Pipes?

A U.S. heatmap showing the number of successful singing TV show contestants from each state.

From the jazz-infused streets of Louisiana to Tennessee’s country twang, our map illustrates a strong showing from the South and spotlights the true powerhouse states of American vocal prowess.

The Lone Star State shines brightest with an impressive 40 top-8 American Idol and The Voice finishers. They say everything's bigger in Texas, and it's clearly home to some big musical dreams and even bigger voices.

Famous for its entertainment industry, California secures the runner-up spot with 28 top-tier vocalists. The Golden State’s rich cultural diversity and knack for innovation consistently give rise to voices that resonate nationwide.

The Empire State (where dreams are made and stars are born) takes third place with 25 top-tier vocalists. From the bright lights of Broadway to the hip-hop beats of the Bronx, New York's rich musical landscape is a fertile ground for vocal talent.

Which U.S. Cities Have the Best Pipes?

 A bar chart showing the U.S. cities with the most successful singing TV show contestants.

Although big cities like Houston, New York, and Los Angeles dominate our top 3 slots, the best singers often hail from smaller stages. This is especially true in the South, where the following cities produced more than their share of high-placing American Idol and The Voice contestants.

Boasting 6 top-tier singers, Memphis, Tennessee, a city steeped in musical history, continues to prove its prowess in shaping singing stars.

With four top-8 vocalists, New Orleans, Louisiana’s rich musical tapestry of soul, jazz, and a pinch of Creole spice clearly resonates in the voices it cultivates.

Richmond, Virginia’s vibrant and diverse music scene is a hidden gem in the landscape of American music, producing 4 top contestants.

Showcasing the deep musical roots that run through Louisiana, the smaller city of Shreveport, Louisiana, punches above its weight with 3 top vocalists.

Also, with 3 top performers, Birmingham, Louisiana’s musical influence on the American landscape is undeniable.

America's Top Talent Powerhouses

In our grand finale, we spotlight the crème de la crème - the states whose vocalists consistently earn the top 3 slots on American Idol and The Voice.

No stranger to the top slot, Texas leads the pack with an impressive 12 top-3 finishers, including an unbelievable 7 who took the crown. Clearly, the state's rich musical culture produces incredible singing pipes.

Once again, California shines on with 8 top-3 contestants. Interestingly, the state has a unique flair for producing runners-up, boasting 5 second-place finishers.

Tying with California, Georgia also boasts 8 top-3 finishers. With 2 winners and 5 second-place finishers, Georgia's musical roots in soul and R&B are a winning formula for cultivating singing sensations.

Closing Thoughts

Our exploration of America's best pipes through the lens of American Idol and The Voice is more than just a count of great vocalists. It reflects the rich tapestry of culture and artistic expression that courses through our nation's veins, like water through its abundant pipes. Each state, with its distinct flavor and heritage, contributes a unique verse to the grand song that is America.

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To determine the U.S. states with the best "pipes," we analyzed top-placing contestant data from The Voice and American Idol. Specifically, we found the birthplaces of contestants who finished in the top 8 for each season since each show began. That's 23 seasons of The Voice and 21 seasons of American Idol.

Once we had successful contestant's birthplaces, we grouped them by state to find the states with the best singers - or "pipes."