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Expert Repairs & Installation for Grinder & Effluent Pumps

Grinder and effluent pumps are needed when you need to pump the sewage from your home uphill to the city sewer or your septic tank. When choosing between a grinder or an effluent pump, there is one key difference to consider: a grinder pump does as the name implies—as sewage passes through the pump, blades grind it up before passing the sewage along. On the other hand, effluent pumps pass sewage along without grinding. This is important because whether the sewage must be slurried depends on its destination.

If you’re unsure which pump best suits your plumbing system, our technicians at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Austinwill walk you through everything you need to know. To begin, the type of pump you need depends on what type of plumbing system you have—a pressurized sewage line, a gravity sewage line, or a septic tank.

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In many cases, sewage is pumped to a pressurized sewer that is shared in a city. A grinder pump helps push the sewage at a higher pressure, as a shared sewer line covers a long distance. “Pressure” is the keyword here, because not all sewers are pressurized—gravity sewers use gravity to push sewage along as opposed to pressure. In this case, an effluent pump works best by simply passing the sewage along without grinding, which could cause problems for a gravity sewer line. Finally, if the pump leads to a septic tank, an effluent pump is always required.

If you’re unsure what pump your home or commercial building needs, give us a call today. We will investigate what system you have, as well as what pump works best for you.

Pump Maintenance and Repairs

Grinder and effluent pumps can last a long time, but like all other plumbing components, problems will eventually surface. Some common issues you may notice include:

  • Broken Pump – Like anything else with a motor, grinder, and effluent pumps can break. They can get jammed and the motor can burn up. If you turn on the pump, you don’t hear it humming and the lift station tank is overflowing with sewage, it’s time to have out one of our technicians!
  • Backups – If debris passes through the pipes, the pump can clog and lead to blockage. This can lead to sewage back into your home, a problem that almost everyone would probably prefer to avoid.
  • Odors – Due to the nature of sewage, problems within a plumbing system often lead to foul odors. If you smell a foul odor around your pipes, our technicians will fix it as soon as possible regardless if the source is a pipe problem or a pump problem.

These common issues can also lead to serious problems, such as pressure floods from excessive blockage. That’s why it’s important to call on our experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Austin, who are prepared to maintain your grinder or effluent pump and repair them when necessary.

Looking for more information regarding grinder and effluent pumps? Call us or click here to request a job estimate with our Austin technicians.

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