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Your home’s plumbing is a complex system of pipes and pressure that delivers water where it’s needed and transports waste to the sewer. With so much of it hidden behind walls and underground, it can be difficult to know what’s preventing your plumbing from working the way it should. It takes a bit of detective work, knowledge and the right skills to find that elusive leak or identify that stubborn clog.

Our specialized video equipment goes where the eye can’t, traveling deep down your drains to give us visual evidence of a break in the line or a tough obstruction. Likewise, our leak detection equipment zeros in on the exact location of a leak, whether it’s behind a wall or within the home’s foundation. The latter is called slab leak and it can cause serious damage left untreated.

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Common Plumbing Problems an Inspection Can Reveal

No matter what plumbing problem you’re facing, a thorough inspection can pinpoint the precise cause and location of the issue. Here are common problems we uncover during a diagnosis:

Tree Roots

Like all plant life, trees seek sustenance and your drains are a healthy source of nutrients and water. Roots can penetrate drains. Once in, they’ll swell, forming a big blockage.

Rusted Pipes

Galvanized pipes are fairly common in older homes in Austin. That’s a problem because galvanized pipes corrode, causing rusty, discolored water. In severe cases, corroded pipes can cause low water pressure.

Broken Pipes

There may be a break somewhere along your drain line. Shifting ground, pressure from tree roots or heavy equipment are the usual culprits.

Grease Buildup

Think twice before rinsing bacon grease and cooking oils down the drain. While grease may go down easy at first, it forms a sticky plug deep down the line when it cools.


Pinholes can develop in copper lines due to pitted corrosion. These are often silent and unseen, wasting water and fostering mold growth.

So, We Found the Cause of Your Plumbing Trouble. Now What?

Once we determine the issue, we’ll discuss your options. We want to provide you the best solution to make sure the problem doesn’t rear its ugly head again. Plus, you can count on an effective fix. We back our workmanship with a 90-day Done Right Promise on repairs and a 1-year Done Right Promise on a replacement.

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