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Drain Maintenance for Summers in Beaumont, TX

After the winter and spring seasons, summer is the right time to make sure your sewer line and drains are doing well. It is good to have an inspection in the summer because we can tell if there is any damage from the other seasons and make sure you are prepared for next year. We will also be able to tell if you will have issues with roots getting into your sewer lines as they grow.

Preventative maintenance at your home in Beaumont is a fantastic way to keep drain and sewer issues at bay.

  • Get a few stoppers for your sinks and tub that collect hair, debris, and foreign objects. If nothing but water can get down your drains, you are less likely to have a significant clog.
  • Fill your sink and tub up and let the water flush out your plumbing system. The heaviness of the water can flush away some of the stuff that sticks to the walls of your pipes.
  • Have a grease can by your sink, so everyone knows that grease and oil don’t go down the drain or into the garbage disposal.
  • Become familiar with organic ways to clear your drain systems or call Mr. Rooter in Beaumont to get your drains cleared. Using harsh chemicals can further damage your drains.
  • Have a plunger handy for any drain maintenance you can do on your own. You can also try hot water for clogs.
  • Keep the number for Mr. Rooter Plumbing handy on your refrigerator, so you can call us right away if you have an emergency plumbing problem.
  • Know where your shut off valves are for all your bathroom and kitchen areas. You should also find your main water shut-off valve and know how it works.
  • Hair traps are useful for bathtubs and showers if someone in your home has long hair, or you have pets that you bathe in the tub.
  • Check the pipes under your sinks, behind your toilets, and in the basement or garage to make sure that they don’t look worn and there aren’t leaks.
  • Make sure your drains are cleaned annually, and your sewer line is inspected, to avoid issues that may happen in the colder months in Beaumont.
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