Who’s Responsible for Storm Drain Upkeep? | Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Beaumont

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When it comes to areas on the fringes of our properties, it can be difficult to determine who’s responsible for the maintenance and upkeep. For example, in parts of Texas, property owners are fully responsible for taking care of “the right of way.” That means that they are financially obligated to cover any sidewalk repairs, as well as the removal of excess vegetation, such as overgrown grass. Such is the case in Beaumont, per city ordinance 14.03.052. But how does this apply to storm drains?

Storm drains have a particularly important role when it comes to public safety. They allow for the evacuation of large amounts of water in the event of a storm, which in turn helps prevent flooding, along with a slew of other related issues. But a number of complications can affect the storm drain’s effectiveness, including damage suffered by drain pipes, or blockages forming in the drain itself. Because of this, regular maintenance and inspections are necessary. This then becomes a question of who is responsible for funding said maintenance, as well as any applicable repairs.

Public and Private Systems

In Texas, public stormwater systems are maintained by the city, and various public entities such as schools and government buildings take care of their own storm drains. However, there are also plentiful private drainage systems, such as driveway culvers. In those cases, the responsibility of drain upkeep falls to their respective property owners.

If you are such an owner and have previously been unaware of the maintenance requirements that fall under your jurisdiction, now is an excellent time to contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Beaumont and start off with a routine inspection of your stormwater system. This will help prevent higher costs and damage in the future and protect you from any perceived negligence regarding aspects of your property. Our plumbers are equipped with years of experience and can determine if any repairs are necessary, along with assisting in the future monitoring of the plumbing in your property.