Charlotte Tree Roots in Pipes

How To Clear Roots from Drain Pipes

At Mr. Rooter of Charlotte, we aim to assist you with all types of plumbing problems. One of the most common plumbing problems that Charlotte, NC home and business owners may not think about is tree root invasion. Tree roots can be incredibly invasive when they are presented with their ideal conditions. Usually, this means a tree was in search of food and water during hot weather or drought.

However, they can be incredibly difficult to detect until your drain pipes are at a standstill. If you happen to have large trees on your Charlotte, NC property and have noticed issues with your drains slowing down, tree roots could be the culprit.

To find out what options you have to get those tree roots removed, contact Mr. Rooter of Charlotte today. We’re open 24/7!

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Signs You Have Issues with Tree Roots in Your Charlotte, NC Pipes

The easiest way to tell if you have issues with tree roots in your Charlotte, NC, drain pipes is if you have them inspected. When you schedule services with a plumbing professional at Mr. Rooter of Charlotte, they can come out with a sewer camera and thoroughly inspect the pipe. Through pipe inspection, we will be able to determine visually if your issues come from tree roots or if there is another reason your drain pipes are having trouble.

Tree roots grow slowly, so if you have noticed a progressive decline in your drain function for a significant period of time, chances are, roots are to blame. Plus, if you happen to have a tree that has experienced significant growth over the last year or so, it is likely that the tree found a new source of food and water. Once the roots were in the pipe, tree growth became inevitable. Now, your healthy tree is the result of the roots making their way into the pipes on your property.

Restore Tree Root Invasion with Trusted Drain Cleaning

There are two options that work very well at removing tree roots from your Charlotte, NC sewer and water pipes. The first is an auger. We use metal augers in your drain pipes to cut up the roots of the trees, which allows the tiny pieces to go down into the sewer. This process is a little slow but is safe under most circumstances.

The other option, which is safe under nearly all circumstances, is hydrojetting. This is when we use water to cut the tree roots instead of the auger. The pressurized water is controlled by our experienced plumbing technicians and directed at the roots until they break up. From there, the water flushes the pieces down into the sewer.

The only problem with these methods is that they cannot guarantee that you will not have the issue recur again in the future. For that, we’d need to repair your sewer line.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Charlotte is Who to Call When You Need Tree Root Invasion

Tree roots can take up all of the space within your drain pipes, causing your Charlotte, NC drains to no longer function. The only way to restore your drains back to normal is to have the tree roots removed from the pipes on your property.

Contact our team at Mr. Rooter of Charlotte and schedule a time for our professional plumbing crew to come out and restore your pipes to their former glory. We are only a phone call away, so call us to fix your tree root problem today!

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