Sewer Inspection & Sewer Belly Repair in Portland

Sewer Inspection Equals New Home Protection

Whether buying the home of your dreams, or deciding now is the time to move on, everyone wants the home buying/selling process to go smoothly. A professional home inspection is an integral part of the due diligence process, yet one of the most important aspects of home maintenance can easily go unnoticed --- the underground sewer line.

If the sewer pipe’s condition dictates major repair or replacement, it may adversely affect the value of the property. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Portland can put your mind at ease with a complete inspection of the sewer line prior to closing.

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A polite adieu to sewer blues

Mr. Rooter will evaluate the sewer line using a scope that documents the condition of the pipe from the home to the city’s sewer system. In more rural areas, this often occurs between the residence and septic tank. In addition to Mr. Rooter’s professional assessment and recommendations, customers receive a dated copy of the sewer video.

Ideally, the sewer scope will show a pipe that’s in great shape and flowing as it should. However, if there’s an issue, any repair costs can be negotiated prior to close. Whether the sewer line requires cleaning, repair or replacement, Mr. Rooter will provide a professional recommendation and up-front cost.

There’s a reason they call us Mr.®

  • Mr. Rooter’s first priority is to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
  • We take pride in educating our customers on the options, best value and long-term solution to resolve any plumbing issue.
  • Our dedicated team will make the necessary sewer repairs in a timely manner with special care to clean-up and landscaping.
  • All work is completed according to state and local plumbing code and backed by a warranty.

At the root of sewer problems: Northwest trees.

While Portland and the entire Pacific Northwest are known for beautiful trees, they are a major culprit in causing sewer line problems. Tree roots seek the ultimate fertilizer and break through the sections where pipes are connected, resulting in clogs and damage to the sewer line. If not inspected ahead of time, the first sign of trouble will be when the sewer backs up – not a situation any homeowner wants to deal with!

Some other common issues with sewer lines include:

  • Belly in the line – Imagine a section of the sewer line that is sagging. This often is caused by soil erosion, foundation settlement, or poor installation and soil compaction.
  • Deterioration – Over time, continuous exposure to water will eventually cause corrosion.
  • Cracking – Wear and tear is inevitable with a sewer line. In addition to possible root intrusion, the usage over years may cause a sewer line to deteriorate.

Get a local Portland plumber’s recommendation on the condition of the sewer line, prior to any home purchase. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Portland is available 24/7, with no extra charge on nights or weekends!

Call your local Mr. Rooter for a professional sewer inspection in Portland and the surrounding areas!

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