Professional-Grade Drain Cleaner

BioChoiceES® is the BEST “green” choice for drain line and septic system maintenance in Portland. There’s no better city when it comes to using environmentally safe products, and BioChoiceES® is the plumber-recommended solution. Purchasing a natural, professional strength product provides peace of mind—and free-flowing drains!

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What is it?

BioChoiceES® is the safe, natural alternative to caustic drain cleaning chemicals that helps prevent drain build-ups by degrading organic materials such as soap scum, fats, oils, and grease buildup.

Why should I use it?

  • It’s FAST ACTING: There is no “wake up” period like other microbial products, so it works immediately after being poured into the drain line.
  • It’s 100% SAFE: BioChoiceES® is recognized by the EPA and is completely safe to use around children and pets.
  • It’s EASY TO USE: Just pour-and-go, no pre-mixing. The convenient drain back bottle cap measurer is used to add the correct amount of treatment to the drain line.
  • It’s a great VALUE: It requires one-half capful per treatment and has more activity than 5 capfuls of other bio-products.
  • Long-lasting PREVENTATIVE: It helps to extend the life of your —avoid emergency overflows and stoppages!

How is it different from the drain cleaners in the store?

It’s a professional strength formula that is only available from professional plumbers. The biological formulas in retail stores have very little microbial activity and aren’t going to be as effective.

As the newest technology in biological drain products, BioChoiceES® completely degrades organic matter for an environmentally friendly, safe, and energy-saving approach.

What does the EPA logo on the bottle mean?

The EPA logo on the bottle is a recognition that is given by the EPA’s Design for the Environment program. Only products that are made of the safest ingredients are eligible to receive this recognition. The EPA has awarded this to BioChoiceES® because it is safe for you and your home. With so many dangerous drain line chemicals in the market, this is a very important distinction.

Directions for use:

Apply BioChoiceES® during times of minimal water usage.


  • Slow Drains – Apply 1 capful per day directly into each slow drain, for 5 consecutive days or until the drain flows freely.
  • Preventative Maintenance – Apply ½ capful per month directly into each drain.
  • Septic Systems – Flush ½ gallon down the toilet immediately after pumping; also add 1/3 capful per week.


  • Slow Drains – Apply 2 capfuls per day directly into each slow drain, for 5 consecutive days or until the drain flows freely.
  • Preventative Maintenance – Apply 2 capfuls per week directly into each drain.
  • Septic Systems – Apply 1 gallon per month directly into the trap.

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