Municipal Services in Detroit

Mr. Rooter Detroit has been trusted to handle large and small plumbing projects for municipalities throughout our Michigan communities. From water main breaks to replacing service lines, municipal services from Mr. Rooter aim to keep utility services flowing for nearby homes, businesses, and schools - and to fix them quickly when a problem occurs.

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Detroit Municipal Plumbing Services

Plumbing problems for municipalities can be disastrous from an economic and cleanup perspective. Mr. Rooter Plumbing in Detroit offers a number of services to keep service lines running smoothly:

  • System maintenance and cleaning
  • Installations and upgrades
  • Emergency repairs
  • Clog removal
  • Diagnosis and check-ups

In order to keep city lines clear, preventative maintenance is crucial. Mr. Rooter's plumbing video camera inspections help detect minor problems before they spill into the streets. Undetected leaks, clogs, or contamination can create widespread, costly challenges for a community. Deploy the Detroit Mr. Rooter team if any of these problems are noticed:

  • Strong sewage odors
  • Pooling water or sewage in concentrated areas
  • Rusty, aging pipes with small leaks
  • Drastically increased water usage

City plumbing issues can be much more complex than those of a home or business. Mr. Rooter has the capability to handle small and large city plumbing needs for sewer, storm, and water repairs. Some of our city plumbing services include hydro jetting, water main and sewer line repair, plumbing maintenance, backflow testing, trenchless pipeline replacement, and video camera line inspection.

Plumbing services specific to cities and towns require a professional plumber in Detroit to have the knowledge and tools to complete the job in a timely manner. To keep residents safe, municipalities will need specific plumbing services.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Detroit

  • 46+ Years of Experience
  • 24/7 Service Available
  • Upfront Pricing
  • Professionally Trained Techs
  • All Techs Background/Drug Tested
  • Military Discounts Available
  • Financing Through Synchrony Bank

Clean Water Supply

Safe drinking water is a necessity for our homes, businesses, and health facilities. The Mr. Rooter team has the experience and tools needed to disinfect water supplies for the city. Mr. Rooter Plumbing uses state-of-the-art purification and filtration systems to reduce chlorine and eliminate chemicals and pollutants from the water supply.

Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

Mr. Rooter Detroit can test the available water pressure in a specific area ahead of planned improvements. Our team uses gauges and flow measurement tools to gather data the city will need to make plumbing upgrade decisions.

Backflow Prevention Device Testing

Backflow is when contaminated water reverses through water lines, mixing with clean water. It can occur with residential or city plumbing and can have devastating effects if not treated. Dirty backflow can be filled with:

  • Sewage
  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizer
  • Chemicals

Installing a backflow prevention device is key to preventing dirty backflow. The backflow device – which includes a set of mechanical check valves that keep the dirty water out – should be tested and immediately replaced if dirty backflow is discovered.

Underground Line Locating

Before crews can begin any major road or sewer line project, they must first know what they’re digging into. To prevent crews from disrupting service lines, Mr. Rooter is available for underground line locating. Knowing what’s underground before beginning a project can help prevent water main breaks, leaks, or contamination.

Mr. Rooter in Detroit understands that plumbing problems don’t just happen Monday through Friday during business hours. For a fast-response, emergency plumbing in Detroit, Mr. Rooter is the call to make. For nearly 50 years, Mr. Rooter has served neighborhoods throughout Detroit, Flint, Port Huron, The Tri Cities, and Washtenaw County.

The Mr. Rooter Detroit team has the equipment and skills necessary to complete city and industrial plumbing jobs. Our technicians are on-hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency plumbing service, questions, and quotes.

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