Sometimes, you need more than a simple repair and it’s time to consider Detroit drain replacement. When it comes to extensive damage, aging, or broken pipes, you can rely on our local Detroit plumbers to provide top-notch service when you need drain replacement near me.

Our Detroit drain replacement service is more than a band-aid solution, it's a long-term fix for your drainage problems. Our expert team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Detroit uses advanced techniques and durable materials to ensure a lasting result, so you know you’re getting exceptional service during your drain replacement in Detroit, MI.

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Reliable Service For Drain Replacement in Detroit, MI

A Detroit drain replacement service is usually required as a result of aging infrastructure and deteriorating pipes that can no longer efficiently carry water and waste, leading to plumbing issues. While our skilled plumbers can clear away clogged drains and debris, sometimes the repair process requires replacing the damaged pipes with new ones. This ensures a long-term solution and prevents further disruptions to the plumbing system.

During your service, our skilled plumbers will take the following steps to ensure you’re getting a lasting solution:

Plumbing Inspection & Diagnosis

All our professional plumbing services will begin with a thorough inspection of your pipes. This helps us determine the condition of your pipes and locate the cause of your issue.

Michigan homeowners will see us conduct a visual inspection of the problem area, as well as any other plumbing fixtures—including toilets, bathtubs, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks—as well as draining and venting systems, filtration systems, main shut-off valve, and sump pumps. If a video inspection is necessary, we’ll send a special video camera down your drain line to find clogs or other signs of damage. This will help us determine our next steps.

Drain Cleaning Service

Sometimes, a good drain cleaning is all your pipes need to get rid of the clog, but this can only be done if your pipes are in good condition. Utilizing HydroScrub Jetting technology, our experienced plumbers will send a powerful stream of water that gives the inside of your pipes a good polish while blasting build-up from your water lines.

Drain Replacement in Detroit, MI

Depending on the state of your pipes or the repairs needed, there are two ways to conduct the replacement:

  • Pipe Relining: This method is when a new lining is placed inside an existing pipe to repair any damage or deterioration. This method is highly effective in extending the lifespan of pipes and preventing leaks and cracks, and is often used when your pipe has minor issues.
  • Pipe Bursting: This method has our expert plumbers insert a new pipe to replace the old and damaged one by breaking it into small fragments and removing them from the inside. This method is commonly used to rehabilitate aging pipes and minimize the need for extensive excavation.

Both Detroit drain replacement methods are non-invasive and minimize disruption to the surrounding areas. This makes them particularly suitable for urban environments where space is limited. Additionally, they can be completed within one business day, minimizing any disruption to your daily routine.

Reliable Detroit Drain Replacement Specialists

No need to search for “Detroit drain replacement near me” when you can just call the experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Detroit. Our licensed plumbers can take care of a wide range of services for plumbing repair, including leak detection and water heater repair services.

With a focus on providing exceptional service, guaranteed parts and workmanship, and convenient appointment times, you can trust you’ll have complete customer satisfaction with your service—just like these satisfied customers.

FAQ On Drain Replacement in Detroit, MI

What Are the Signs That I Need A Detroit Drain Replacement?

While a flood of raw sewage spreading across your floor is an obvious warning sign, it is usually preceded by many other signs that you need a service for drain replacement in Detroit, MI. If you notice any of these common signs in your, contact a plumber right away:

  • Slow drainage in multiple fixtures
  • Thumping, grinding or gurgling sounds coming from your plumbing system
  • Foul odors coming from floor or bathroom drains
  • Clogs that won't go away
  • Unusually lush patches of grass on the lawn
  • Frequent sewage backups

What Caused My System to Need Detroit Drain Replacement?

While your plumbing pipe may seem fairly hardy, it’s very easy for it to get clogged or become damaged. Some common issues that require a Detroit drain replacement include:

  • Tree Root Invasion: Tree roots will break through any water lines in your yard and grow, creating holes and clogging up your pipes.
  • Age: While some types of pipes can last up to 100 years with proper care, aging infrastructure can require a replacement service to protect your home.
  • Hard Water: Michigan has hard water with a high mineral content, which can cause build-up or corrode your home’s plumbing system.
  • Lack Of Maintenance: If it’s been years since your last routine maintenance service, chances are you have build-up clogging your pipes, which can lead to costly repairs and water damage if not taken care of.
  • Non-Flushable Products: A lot of things go down your drains that shouldn’t, such as grease, food waste, flush feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, cotton balls, and Q-Tips. These items can lead to clogged pipes and sewer backups.

All of this and more could lead you to needing Detroit drain replacement service. If you see blockages or slow draining in your plumbing, act quickly to avoid more damage and keep your drainage system working well.

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