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Good pipes are able to work consistently and smoothly. When plumbing sometimes fails or frequently clogs up, it’s a sign that there may be a buildup of blockage in the pipes. Rather than letting blockages continue to accrue, there’s a better way to handle your pipes. Let Mr. Rooter® Plumbing show you a more effective way of cleaning your plumbing and keeping your business flowing smoothly.

Mr. Rooter drain using a Hydroscrub Jet.

It’s time for you to learn about HydroScrub® technology.

What Is HydroScrub®?

HydroScrub® is an alternative to drain snakes that results in clear, clean pipes in less time, less cost, and with longer lasting results. Rather than simply cutting away debris, HydroScrub Jetting completely clears out your pipes, restoring them to a good-as-new state. As a result, your pipes will operate more smoothly and reliably than they ever have before.

To give you an idea of what might be lying in your pipes, much of your blockage problems aren’t coming from recent issues. Often, it’s just years of hair, grease, sludge, soap residue, and mineral deposits that cause your plumbing to underperform—all things that snake draining doesn’t address. HydroScrub® clears years of sludge and grime away to give you a plumbing system that will perform at its best for a long time.

How Does HydroScrub® Work?

HydroScrub® Jetting uses highly pressurized water to forcefully eject and break down the buildup in your pipes. Our specialized equipment uses a hose specifically built to withstand high pressures with an industrial-strength nozzle. The hose is then inserted into the cleanout, an opening at the downstream end of your plumbing system.

The nozzle’s pressure pulls itself through your pipes as it shoots 18 gallons per minute at 3500 psi—that’s 1.75 tons of pressure per inch. As it moves upstream through your plumbing system, it thoroughly clears away all debris and breaks up filth and buildup.

What makes HydroScrub® perfect for any homeowner or commercial job is that the nozzle is adaptable for any size pipe. No matter the scope or scale of your plumbing system, it could benefit from the thorough, industrial-level cleaning that HydroScrub technology provides. Combined with our professional, high-quality customer service, getting commercial-grade pipe cleaning has never been simpler.

Why HydroScrub® Surpasses Conventional Cable Methods

Conventional pipe cleaning is used when there’s a complete blockage, clearing a small hole in order to restore function. What makes HydroScrub® a better option is that it does not just improve function—it completely restores performance. It prevents future problems while taking care of your current one.

The disadvantage of pipe snaking is the soft deposits left behind. These soft deposits can form other clogs because they collect material as it passes through the pipe, creating new buildup. There are no such soft deposits left behind by the HydroScrub® Jet—in fact, there’s very little of anything left behind at all.

Emergency Clog Removal

How often are you using your plunger to deal with clogs? If you’re having to frequently call a plumber or handle drain clogs yourself, then you may benefit more from a HydroScrub® treatment. These are a one-time treatment that relieves your plumbing of the stresses of continuous clogging. Give our team a call 24/7 if you need emergency service—but consider calling us for a more permanent answer as well!

Preventative Maintenance

One of the best ways to live stress-free regarding your plumbing is through preventative maintenance. Not only is it proactive, but it saves you money and time in the long run. Extending the life of your system is much better than having to replace pieces of it every few years! That’s another reason we offer HydroScrub® Jetting as one of our services.

We can solve your plumbing system’s current issues, prevent future ones, and save you money on expensive repairs by extending the life of your pipes. Call us today to learn more!

In addition to clearing out your pipes, our plumbing experts incorporate other preventative measures to ensure that buildup does not return or re-form. Because a little buildup is somewhat inevitable, scheduling routine HydroScrub® cleaning ensures that you never have to deal with clogged pipes ever again.

To slow down the buildup process, you can do the following to keep your pipes clear:

  • Throw away fat, grease, and cooking oil into your trash, not drain
  • Use Mr. Rooter® Plumbing Enzymatic Drain Care™ once a month
  • Flush only toilet paper down your toilet (no other paper products)
  • Use drain strainers in your sink drains, and clean them often

Let Mr. Rooter Plumbing relieve your pipes (and your life) of unneeded stress through HydroScrub® Jetting.

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