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Sewer Lining in Detroit

At Mr. Rooter Detroit, our team of experts is specially trained to conduct sewer lining in a professional manner. Combined with modern equipment and trenchless techniques, the sewer lining process has become extremely popular over the years, and we are proud to offer such an innovative solution for all of our customers in Livonia.

Sewer Camera Inspection

When our team first arrives at your property, a small, high-definition camera is sent into your pipelines. This step, while simple, eliminates any guesswork or speculation about where the site of the damage is and guarantees that our technicians will be able to determine the best solution for resolving it.

HydroScrub Jetting

Once the problem has been properly identified, in order for sewer lining to be effective, the pipeline needs to be cleared of debris and waste buildup. The lining is dependant on a smooth surface in order to adhere properly, and the jagged irregularities caused by rust or mineral patches in the pipelines inhibits this process. A thorough, comprehensive cleaning is possible through our HydroScrub jetting equipment. This tool allows us to blast high-pressure streams of water through the pipelines, forcefully removing rust, clogs, and the buildup of grease or other particles. While this process is easily capable of stripping away residue and breaking down clogs, its strength is controlled by our technicians and ensures that the pipeline itself won’t be adversely affected by the process.

Sewer Lining

After the pipeline has been completely cleaned and any clogs and waste accumulation along the walls have been removed, it is ready to be lined. A tube is inserted into the pipe coated with a durable epoxy resin. Once it is in place, positioned where the damaged area of the pipeline is, the tube is inflated, allowing the resin to coat the inside of the pipe. Employing a continuous liner is vital, as it ensures a seamless fit that will prevent tree roots from being able to find purchase and create leaks in the fittings. The tube is withdrawn and the resin undergoes a curing period of several hours. Following this, the essentially brand-new pipe is ready for use. With a lifespan of up to fifty years, this treatment is extremely popular due to its quick installation and long-term results.

Branch Reinstatement

Once the liner is installed and cured, the pipes branching off from the newly-lined pipe are often covered in the liner itself as well, and we remove the coverings in order to reestablish the pipeline connections. With our state-of-the-art robotic reinstatement equipment, we are able to restore your sewer system to full usability without extra digging or collateral damage. Our sewer lining services are simple but effective, proving to be convenient for customers as well as practical and useful long after the lining was first installed.

If you live in Livonia and need our sewer lining services, call Mr. Rooter Detroit today! We will be happy to service you and provide you with a solution that will serve your home for many years.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we offer clients the most innovative sewer repair solutions on the market, accompanied by a neighborly attitude and an unmatched guarantee. When you’re searching for effective, affordable, and fast sewer repair, sewer lining is the answer. Mr. Rooter Plumbing technicians are expertly trained to perform trenchless sewer lining, making us specialists and the correct team to handle the sewer lining job at your property.

For decades, Mr. Rooter Plumbing has been recognized nationally as a leading provider of premier plumbing services. When it comes to innovative sewer repair solutions in the greater Detroit area, we lead by performing superior work, backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

What Is Sewer Lining, & How Does The Process Fix Drain & Pipelines?

Sewer lining, also known as cured-in-place-piping, is the use of an epoxy resin to reline, or renew the sewer line at a residential, commercial, or municipal property. Trenchless refers to the fact that sewer lining is a non-invasive method of repair, meaning it eliminates the need to dig into or destroy the landscape above the sewer line. Traditionally, repairing your sewer line involved paying laborers to dig up the old piping and manually replace it. Today, Mr. Rooter Detroit is able to bypass those archaic methods and repair the pipes through a small, existing access point to the sewer line.

As with all professional repairs performed by Mr. Rooter Plumbing, a marked truck will arrive with uniformed technicians equipped with the skills and tools necessary to complete the repairs at your property. Initially, we will perform a camera inspection to properly diagnose pipe function. If disrepair is discovered, sewer lining is the preferred method for remediating the issues. After the inspection, the pipeline will be cleaned either through hydro jetting or forced hot air, to ready it for cured-in-place pipe lining.

Cured-in-place-pipe lining is a trenchless method that involves soaking a felt liner in epoxy resin and then inserting it into the pipes through the existing access point. The resin-soaked liner is then inflated until it hardens to the inside of the existing pipe, working to renew the pipe and filling in cracks and breaks. Essentially, a new pipe is created within the old. Pipe lining can be used to repair various types and compositions of existing pipes, including PVC, cast iron, clay, and Orangeburg.

The Benefits of Sewer Pipe Lining In Detroit Residential & Commercial Buildings

Mr. Rooter Detroit recommends sewer lining as the preferred method of sewer repair to most of our clients, due to its cost-effective and time-efficient nature. When you choose pipe lining, you cut out unnecessary labor, resulting in both faster and cheaper repair. Since pipe lining results in zero damage to the property, you won’t be stuck with a bill for property remediation and landscaping.

After repairs are complete, the process is over. Unlike traditional methods, which can take weeks, pipe lining takes no more than a few days. For business owners especially, this is ideal. Even better, the epoxy pipes are environmentally-friendly and last for approximately fifty years while needing minimal repairs due to their ability to resist root invasion and corrosion.

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