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Detroit Drain Cleaning Services

Drain cleaning is an important part of ensuring that your sewer lines maintain proper flow to avoid backup and sanitation issues, and at Mr Rooter Detriot, we offer a full line of drain cleaning techniques to suit every need and budget. Our two most popular solutions are the drain auger (also known as a drain snake) and hydro jetting service.

Drain augering or snaking is a mechanical method that is effective for cleaning out minor drain blockages. A specialized cable with a cutting tip is inserted into the drain through an opening called a cleanout built into the system for maintenance. As the technician works the cable through the pipe, the tip cuts the clog away into small bits that are washed away. Snaking works best for cleaning out household debris and minor root penetration in sewer lines, and its manual application allows the process to be finished quickly and easily.

At Mr Rooter Detriot, we also provide innovative hydro jetting service for tough blockages and preventive drain care. During this process, our trained technician inserts a water hose with a small, high-pressure nozzle designed to spray the water in a full circle. The pressurized water cleans all sides of the drain, removing the toughest buildup and breaking up any clogs before washing the debris away and restoring the cleanliness and functionality of your pipes. Hydro jetting significantly improves water flow for better sewage removal and reduces the chance of recurring clogs from forming. This cleaning service is extremely effective for solving major and minor problems, including large clumps of tree roots that have infiltrated the pipes, heavy mineral buildup, and severe blockages.

For communities where the calcium deposits underground dissolve into the groundwater and create water hardness and scale buildup and reduces the water flow in pipes, at Mr Rooter Detriot, we have the tools and equipment required for removing hard scale with ease. With hydro jetting, we are able to completely eliminate the accumulation of calcium deposits by thoroughly cleaning the pipes and restoring their flow. With limited equipment and machinery required to employ hydro jetting, this method of cleaning is popular and extremely effective for any situation, and at Mr Rooter Detriot, we are proud to offer this cleaning process for all of our customers.

Because every client’s drain cleaning needs are different, at Mr Rooter Detriot, we take the time to fully evaluate the situation so we can recommend the best drain cleaning method for you. In conjunction with our drain cleaning services, we also offer video drain inspections to inspect the interior of a drain pipe using a high quality camera. We use this time to pinpoint the areas in your pipes that need attention and develop a correction plan that provides effective, long-term results.

No matter what kind of drain cleaning issue you have, Mr Rooter Detriot has the answer. Our expert technicians are equipped with the best tools and knowledge to identify the source of your problem and create the right treatment plan for successful resolution. Call us now and learn how we can help you!

Drain cleaning is an essential part of property ownership that cannot be avoided, nor should it. Eventually, all pipelines need to be cleaned, including those at residential, commercial, and municipal properties. Whether you’re experiencing a clog that requires immediate attention, or you want to schedule routine maintenance, Mr. Rooter Plumbing located is on hand to provide lasting, budget-friendly solutions to the Detroit area. We offer flat rate, upfront pricing on drain cleaning services, all of which are performed by local, licensed technicians.

Since 1970, we have been providing reputable plumbing services, as a nationally recognized plumbing franchise. Mr. Rooter Plumbing is locally owned and employs local plumbers who understand the specific concerns of Detroit residents. The company history, combined with our dedication to the community as a local business, make us the perfect choice for any client looking for fast, professional, and effective services.

How Do Professional Cleaning Services For Detroit Drains Work?

Professional drain cleaning tactics range from traditional snaking to high-powered hydro jetting.Drain cleaning refers to the use of different tactics to clear pipelines of buildup, tree roots, and clogs. Over time, grease, hair, and particles can accumulate into sticky buildup inside the pipeline, which is why we recommend yearly routine cleaning to all of our clients. Eventually, that buildup can result in serious clogs that interfere with your routine. Tree roots can also infiltrate pipelines and cause thick, hard-to-penetrate blockages that result in backflow and slow draining.

At Mr. Rooter Detroit, we arrive with the equipment and tools necessary to perform professional sewer line & drain cleaning services specific to each call. Our technician will perform an inspection and discuss your options with you. Professional snaking involves using the correct rod for the type of plumbing to unclog debris and foreign objects that can become lodged in the pipeline. For larger jobs, Mr. Rooter Plumbing use hydro jetting.

What Is The Hydro Jetting Cleaning Process?

Hydro jetting is a professional sewer pipe cleaning method that uses a high-pressured stream of water blasted through the pipeline. It is powerful enough to cut through grease, buildup, and even root infiltration, making it the method of choice for tough, recurring clogs. A tank of water is attached to a hose and pressurizing nozzle, which pressurizes water to 3,500 PSI and then moves through the pipeline, allowing the blasts of the water to obliterate everything in its path.

After our hydro jetting cleaning session is complete, the pipes are as clean as when they were first installed. This service can also be relied on for regular maintenance and annual checkups as well, cleaning pipes often and ensuring that clogs don’t form on a regular basis and create issues in your residence, including homes and apartment complexes as well as commercial infrastructures like office buildings.

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Affordable, trusted, and always professional, Mr. Rooter Detroit is the obvious choice when you’re in the market for a plumber. Available for emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Mr. Rooter Plumbing technicians are on hand to help whenever you need us, so if there is a dense clog in your drain line that needs immediate attention, call now. We can help get your pipes running as good as new again.