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Trenchless Sewer Repair in Detroit

If the plumbing in your home is starting to show some signs that may hint at a problem with your lateral. These signs can include slow draining or pooling of water in sinks, tubs or the shower as well as odors coming from the same locations. If you experience any of these conditions call the plumbers at Mr Rooter Detroit to take a look at your pipe work.

If we determine there is an issue coming from your lateral line we will dig a hole to one connection and insert a closed-circuit camera. This will allow us to take a look at what is going on inside the pipe without having to dig a trench across your yard to get at the pipe. If we locate a break, leak or clog inside your lateral, we will review trenchless repair options with you.

Our team’s expertise allows you to have us repair, reline or replace the sewer lateral to remedy the situation. Our advanced process, begins with an initial sewer camera inspection. This inspection allows us to identify the source of your pipe failure as well as pinpoint it via a GPS coordinate within any pipe, even one that it is buried underground. This ensures an accurate and complete fix to ensure the problem is fixed right the first time.

We will then insert an epoxy impregnated pipe liner via an existing access point. This liner is then inflated using a removable bladder that forces it to adhere to the interior of the existing pipe. The liner is then allowed to cure, and once it has hardened, the inflated bladder will be removed and the new pipe is ready to use. This process can be completed in hours as opposed to the weeks of a traditional repair and without the headache of large scale excavation.

Because we use trenchless technologies to repair laterals at Mr Rooter Detroit, your repair will not be as costly as one where your yard is dug up to remove the damaged lateral. What we do it easier on the environment and much less costly. With the one hole already dug to insert our camera we may need to dig another one at the other connection of the lateral. That’s all the digging that takes place. We can clear a clog, reline or pipe burst without the need of a trench.

Repairing Detroit’s Sewer Pipes the Right Way

We have worked closely with your local authorities so we have a good understanding of the criteria required to help with permitting, and are proud to work with you on those documents. We will work with you and the commission to make all the paperwork flow as smoothly as your sewer line will once we have completed the work required. To book your appointment with our licensed plumbers contact Mr Rooter Detroit today. or send us an email today to get an estimate.