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Water Heater Maintenance Tips

As the weather gets colder, water heater maintenance becomes more important than ever. Maintenance will keep your water heater running smoothly, and it will prolong its life so that you don't end up needing a replacement. Here are three ways to keep up on water heater maintenance.

1. Flush the Tank

Water heater tanks accumulate sediment with time. This can block your water lines and create the need for more energy use. Turn off the electricity before starting. Attach a hose to the drain valve and turn on the water. Open the pressure relief valve and the drain valve to flush out the excess sediment. Disconnect the hose and close the pressure relief valve. Turn the electricity back on, and you're good to go.

2. Replace the Anode Rod

The anode rod is there to attract corrosive particles in your water, lowering the amount of corrosion in your water tank. The rod should be changed, or at least checked, every three years. Aluminum and zinc rods last longer than magnesium rods, but magnesium rods work better. Replace the rod if the rod has a coating of calcium or more than half a foot of steel wire can be seen.

3. Lower Temperature When Leaving

One mistake that people make is that they leave the water heater at the same temperature when they leave for vacation. This only makes the water heater use up energy when it's not needed. Before going on vacation, lower the temperature setting with a screwdriver. For every ten degrees lower you set the temperature, you can reduce the energy used by 5%. The ideal temperature is at 120 degrees.

Water heaters are a necessity nowadays, and it's important to keep them working as well as possible to avoid the cost of replacing them. Follow these simple rules, and your water heater should keep your water warm for even longer. If you need help with a water heater issue, our team at Mr. Rooter of San Antonio is available to help you with the expert services you need.

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