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A row of large pipes with bright, plastic linings running through them that have been installed with professional services for pipe lining in San Antonio, TX.

Are you suffering from issues with your sewer line? Knowing how to tell where your plumbing problems are coming from can be a difficult task. You may not know what part of your plumbing system is causing the problems, but you can easily tell when something is wrong. Changes in water pressure, foul odors, and drains that won’t drain properly are all signs something is wrong. You may need to fix serious damage with professional services for pipe lining in San Antonio.

Leaving these issues alone may seem like a good idea at first. But not addressing them can lead to expensive problems down the road. A burst pipe can decimate your lawn, basement, and anything in its path. If you suspect something is wrong with your sewer pipe you need to call a San Antonio plumber ASAP. Untreated plumbing issues are serious business and are treated as emergency service for a reason. Luckily, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Antonio has years of experience delivering excellent pipe lining in San Antonio. We provide exceptional service and can surgically perform the repair so no lawn is dug up or destroyed in the process.

How is Pipe Lining Performed?

When looking at different plumbing solutions, you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of each option. For instance, if you’re experiencing a recurring clogged drain, you may think putting chemical drain cleaners or plunging the toilet would suffice. Sometimes, the issue could be a lot deeper in your system and proper diagnosis is required to identify exactly where the problem is.

The process of pipe lining involves digging a small access hole located near the affected length of pipe. Once completed, your plumbing expert can run small video cameras into your piping to determine the size and scope of the damaged pipe.

Once identified, tools such as augers and other precision equipment are used to clear away blockages such as debris, roots, dirt, and anything else preventing water flow. Once clean, your plumbing technician can properly measure the damaged area and determine what type of lining work is needed to repair your damaged pipe.

The professional then mixes a resin compound to match the measurements taken. The resin is then poured into an inversion machine that will be inserted into the pipe. Once the entire machine is inside, it inflates using compressed air that allows the resin-coated exterior of the liner to bond with the host pipe. The epoxy will cure in place and be ready for use shortly after.

Advantages of Pipe Lining in San Antonio:

  • Cost effective: Epoxy pipe lining can save homeowners 30 to 40% on costs compared to traditional dig-up and replacement services. Fewer hours are needed to complete a project, which means any labor costs are lower.
  • Eco-friendly: Epoxy pipe lining does not create any waste as the original pipe is not discarded and is instead repaired. Manufacturing epoxy doesn’t generate any carbon emissions as well!
  • Non-invasive: As this method doesn’t require creating trenches, minimal holes or pits will be created in your home as repairs can be done using existing access points.
  • Long-lasting: Epoxy pipe lining is designed to last up to 50 years. The new layer is durable and corrosion-resistant. This means fewer repairs down the road and you can avoid full sewer line replacements.

Disadvantages of Pipe Lining in San Antonio:

  • Pipe requirements: Not every pipe is eligible for pipe lining. Collapsed pipes or heavily damaged ones won’t be able to be saved by this repair process. Back-pitched pipes, meaning the installation of the pipe was not angled correctly, will also prevent the epoxy from working properly.
  • Not all materials work: Pipe lining does not work with tarpaper pipes or pipes that are fragile. This is because the hydro jetting process for cleaning the pipes could damage the foundation of the system. Any pipes 2 inches in diameter or smaller won’t work with epoxy.
  • Advanced work: This San Antonio pipe lining process is very technical and requires a lot of expertise to be done correctly. Improperly measured liners can slip, breaking the seal. UV curing can cause shrinkage of the linear, allowing hydrostatic pressure to build up. That’s why choosing the right plumber is important to the success of your process and to avoid repairs down the road.

Signs you Need Pipe Lining in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio pipe lining is not something anyone looks forward to dealing with. The truth is, many common plumbing issues you may be experiencing can be connected to needing pipe lining in San Antonio. That’s why we recommend contacting our expert plumbers if you’re noticing any of the following warning signs, as they could be caused by a variety of things and a proper diagnosis is required to identify the exact cause.

Worsening Water Pressure or Water Quality

If you’re noticing a decline in your home’s water pressure, it could be a sewer line issue. This could be your shower not dispensing enough water fast enough or faucets that don’t seem to fill anything as fast. You may also notice changes in the water quality such as bad or strange tasting or smelling water.

Water Backup

If you’re noticing water backup in your basement or other plumbing fixtures, you should immediately call a plumber before it gets more serious and expensive. Water can cause irreparable damage to your home and any damaged areas should be quickly repaired.

Clogs or Rust

Believe it or not, your drain shouldn’t be getting clogged. While once in a while isn’t something to worry about, if you find yourself regularly unclogging your drains, something bigger might be going on. Clogs can be caused by tree roots or deeper clogs in your sewer line and plunging them won’t solve the problem, at most it will just be delaying it. Rust is also a sign of concern as it could suggest corroded pipes. Discolored water that is rust colored or smells strongly of metal are warning signs for needing San Antonio pipe lining as your piping has most likely started to deteriorate.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are a sign of concern for plumbing issues. Pools of water near pipes or wet spots in your ceiling or walls could indicate needing a repair. As you can’t see all pipes in your home, there could be leaks happening that you can’t identify. If you’re noticing your water bill is going up, your pipes could be leaking somewhere. An easy way to test this is checking your water meter before bed and turning off your water to see if the number goes up. Check out these tips for checking for plumbing leaks.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing for Pipe Lining in San Antonio, TX?

If you’re looking for an experienced professional to perform your San Antonio pipe lining, you’ve come to the right place. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Antonio has years of experience performing quick and easy pipe lining repairs, fixing a wide range of problems. If you’re noticing the warning signs of sewer line problems, we can quickly perform pipe lining to fix the deeper issues that even a DIY expert can’t solve. There’s a reason we have such amazing customer reviews.

If you’re in dire need of plumbing service or have more questions about San Antonio pipe lining, give us a call. Whether you’re looking for routine preventative maintenance or your basement is flooded, we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pipe Lining in San Antonio, TX

If you’re still unsure about what is the best course of action to take regarding your plumbing issue, we’ve compiled a list of common questions we’re asked to serve you better. If your question isn’t on this list, feel free to call us to learn more.

What Leads to Pipe Lining Service Repairs?

Pipe restoration can oftentimes cost thousands of dollars depending on how many feet of pipe are required, even if a trenchless method is used. Because of this, you’ll want to avoid these types of plumbing problems when possible:

  • Foundation shifts: Your home is prone to shifting as it settles over time. As your pipes are underneath it, these shifts can create big adjustments in your water lines, causing them to disconnect or rupture. While it's not easy to prevent these shifts, you can take precautions such as choosing more movable piping material in anticipation of shifts.
  • High water pressure: High water pressure can lead to damage on your pipes. Water pressure changes are often caused by extreme weather or sudden temperature changes. This can cause water moving at high speeds through your pipes or sudden changes to the direction of water that can lead to leaking. The cold from winter months can also cause a large amount of pressure that can burst the pipe if turned on suddenly.
  • Tree roots: Tiny cracks in pipes can release water into the surrounding soil. This water will attract nearby tree roots that will burrow their way towards your pipes. They will either surround the pipe completely and crack it open, or squeeze in through any small openings, eventually blocking the pipe and damaging it. Certain materials such as clay piping are especially vulnerable to tree roots.
  • Corrosion: Oftentimes, this is the most common reason for needing San Antonio pipe lining. As your metal pipes are regularly used, corrosion builds up over time and eventually wears down the walls of the pipe. Oxidation is caused by oxygen converting metal to oxide, also known as rust. This can create uneven surfaces inside of your piping, where any impurities in the water get trapped and build up over time, and will also create weak areas that are prone to leaks and increase your risk of experiencing a burst. Another huge cause of corrosion is chemical drain cleaners. These caustic chemicals corrode the inside of your pipes and eat away at the material over time.

How Long Does San Antonio Pipe Lining Take?

The answer to this question varies depending on how many feet of piping needs to be repaired, however, in many cases, the lining process can be completed in a single day. The curing process can take up to 24 hours to harden. The exact amount of time could vary, therefore we recommend having one of our experienced plumbers perform an estimate at your home so you know the exact amount it will cost and the time to complete it.

How Effective is Pipe Lining?

This pipe lining method is long-lasting. Manufacturers suggest its lifespan to be 50 years or greater. If you’re experiencing symptoms of a damaged pipe in San Antonio, pipe lining is often the best solution for fixing that problem.

What is a Pipe Liner?

A pipe liner is a seamless sleeve that is put inside an existing pipe. This sleeve is made of felt with plastic coating on one side of it. The felt portion of the liner is then saturated with an epoxy resin. Your liner is then inverted into the existing pipe so that the plastic coating is on the inside of the pipe and the resin is on the outside against the old pipe wall. Once lined up, a calibration tube is also inverted and inflated to hold the liner open against the existing pipe. Steam is then used to cure the resin. The end product is a hardened pipe molded to the inside of the existing pipe.

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