San Antonio Sewer Line Replacement Services

Of all the old adages that can apply to your plumbing system, "out of sight, out of mind" is probably the most apt. If you're like most homeowners, you take your system for granted, just expecting it to work perfectly each and every time—and what goes on inside the walls and under the lawn is none of your business. While that way of thinking is incredibly common, it also ends up leading to some stressful, unpleasant surprises when the damage goes unchecked, and you end up needing San Antonio sewer line replacement.

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Plastic sewer pipes that have been dug up for sewer line replacement in San Antonio, TX.

Like absolutely everything else in our lives, your wastewater drainage pipes can't last forever without regular care and maintenance from a qualified plumber. If you catch damage early on and get help from a professional plumber, you can avoid most of the worst problems that can occur with your plumbing system and save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassle. That's why it really pays to know the signs of trouble and what sewer line replacement in San Antonio, TX really entails.

If you suspect that your wastewater pipes are on their last legs and need serious intervention, rely on your local San Antonio plumber to get your house back to safe, sanitary condition with San Antonio sewer line replacement services. The reliable experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Antonio are highly experienced and take great pride in delivering the highest standards of quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

Our Methods of Dealing With San Antonio Sewer Line Replacement Service

Now that you know a bit more about the indications that your system is desperate for sewer line replacement in San Antonio, TX, you may be wondering what exactly your licensed plumber is going to need to do to carry out the service and restore your system to full function. If you're picturing a huge, deep, muddy trench being dug across your lawn or a big hole being sawed in your drywall, don't panic! While that invasive process may have been completely necessary for San Antonio sewer line replacement a few decades ago, Mr. Rooter Plumbing now uses trenchless sewer line replacement technology. As the name suggests, trenchless techniques eliminate the need to dig a big trench or cut holes in your walls. Our non-invasive methods are faster, more effective, and far less disruptive to your property. In fact, in most cases, your skilled plumber will only need to dig two small holes in your yard at either end of the line.

Video Inspection

Since your wastewater drainage systems are hidden away out of sight, the first step when there's a problem is a sewer line inspection to figure out what exactly the plumbing issue is and where it is located. Quite often, the best way to accomplish that is with sewer camera inspection. Your plumber will attach a small video camera with an LED light to a flexible cable and lower it into your drain, then maneuver it through the pipe while it records video footage of the inside of your line. Once it has been retrieved, they will play back the footage and interpret it to discover exactly what's going on and come up with an educated recommendation on which trenchless San Antonio sewer line replacement method is needed to solve the problem.

Pipe Relining

If the damage is more on the minor side, like a small crack or hole, or your pipes are aging, and you want to do something to prevent deterioration, relining may be the best choice for San Antonio sewer line replacement. This method involves inserting a flexible tube into the full length of the pipe with an inflatable tube inside it. When the lining is in place, your plumber will blow up the inflatable tube so it pushes the pipe lining against the interior walls of your existing sewer line. Once it has cured in place and is fully hardened, the inflatable piece is removed, leaving the inside of your line completely coated in the new, hardened lining. That closes up cracks and holes, forming a long-lasting seal that will stay leak-proof for years to come.

Hydraulic Replacement

If the damage is more severe or widespread along the entire pipe, a complete San Antonio sewer line replacement is probably going to be necessary. The best way to put in a new broken pipe replacement is to thread it into the space where the old one was—but first, you have to get the old one out of there. Your experienced plumber will use a technique called pipe bursting, in which hydraulics are used to break up the remnants of the old pipe so the space can be filled with a brand-new pipe. This may sound complicated, but it's a relatively fast process—in most cases, we can carry out trenchless sewer line replacement within a single day. That way, you can avoid the extra expense and hassle of having to relocate to a hotel or take additional days off work.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing for Sewer Line Replacement in San Antonio, TX?

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Plumbing disasters are among the most stress-inducing situations property owners have to deal with. You have to use your plumbing system, so when something happens that prevents you from accessing your fixtures, it can really throw you for a loop. You need the help of a reliable, experienced San Antonio plumber, and fast—not in a couple of days or a week.

Get the expert plumbing assistance you require to keep your home sanitary and functioning properly by calling the team of professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Antonio. Our trustworthy plumbers have the equipment and expertise necessary to get your system back in perfect working order, and we provide 24/7 emergency plumbing service at a flat-rate, upfront price, so you never have to deal with a plumbing nightmare on your own regardless of when it occurs.

Frequently Asked San Antonio Sewer Line Replacement Questions

Do you have questions about San Antonio sewer line replacement or about plumbing services, such as clogged drain cleaning, leak detection, water heater repair, and installation services, drain repair, or other types of residential or commercial plumbing repair? Give us a call to speak with our knowledgeable customer service staff and find out more about what our San Antonio plumbers can do for you. You can also check out our replies to a few common questions below.

What Are the Signs I Need San Antonio Sewer Line Replacement?

You might think you already know the signs of a broken sewer pipe—a nasty flood of raw sewage all over your floor. That can happen, but there are usually a lot of warning signs before it gets to that point. If you know the subtler signs that trouble is coming, you can get it handled by our team of expert plumbers before your house turns into the most revolting swimming pool imaginable. Here are some of the major warning signs that indicate you need San Antonio sewer line replacement service:

  • Slow Drains: Everyone has to deal with a clogged drain from time to time, and while they are annoying, they're not usually a sign of a major problem. But if multiple drains are taking a really long time to drain water out of your fixtures and there don't seem to be any obvious clogs, this is a sign that there's some deeper trouble that warrants investigation by a professional plumber.
  • Disgusting Smells: If you can smell sewage odors in your yard or coming from plumbing fixtures and floor drains, that's a big indication that something's not right, and you may need San Antonio sewer line replacement. Even if the problem doesn't call for replacement, it still needs to be checked out and resolved by an experienced San Antonio plumber.
  • Unusual Sounds: Does your toilet gurgle or bubble when you run water in the bathroom sink? Strange noises from fixtures or one fixture reacting when you use another are issues that are generally caused by either a serious blockage or a broken pipe that needs San Antonio sewer line replacement.
  • Excess Water Pooling on Lawn: If there's a big puddle of water on your lawn, and you're not sure where it came from, this is a big indication that you've got a cracked or broken pipe that is leaking water underground. Rather than a pool of water, you may notice that there are patches of grass that are suddenly much more green and lush than the rest because they're getting extra "fertilizer" from your sewer lines.
  • Sewer Backups: When there's visible raw sewage pooling in low-lying fixtures like your toilet, shower, bathtub, or floor drain, you probably don't need us to tell you that's a bad thing. Sewer backups are disgusting, unsanitary, and can pose a risk to the health of your family. Stop using your system immediately and call Mr. Rooter’s emergency plumber.

If your sewer system is generally in good condition, you can probably get away with a small sewer line repair that may involve relining, but our certified San Antonio plumbers will provide you with a more detailed diagnostic, along with the best repair method.

What Caused the Problem With My Sewage Pipes?

There are a number of potential causes of sewer line issues, including a cracked or broken pipe, and of course, we won't know what caused the problem with your specific system until we've had a chance to investigate thoroughly in person and come up with a diagnosis. That being said, almost all of those types of San Antonio sewer line replacement problems are caused by extreme pressure, whether it's coming from the water inside the pipe or the ground outside of it. Potential causes include:

  • Tree root intrusion: Roots are intruding into the line, causing leaks and blocking the flow of wastewater
  • Major clogs caused by a build-up of substances and items that shouldn't be going down the drain, such as hair clumps, food scraps, paper towels, solidified grease, small toys or utensils, hygiene products, and other foreign objects
  • Landscaping changes or soil shifting over time
  • Vibration from earthquakes or heavy construction nearby
  • Drainage lines are simply very old and well past their prime

How Long Does a Pipe Last Before It Needs Sewer Line Replacement in San Antonio, TX?

That really depends on the type of material it is made of. If you have cast iron pipes, you can expect them to last around 75 to 100 years. Cement, clay, or PVC pipes may be able to hang on for up to 100 years as well. However, Orangeburg pipes can only be expected to last 50 years—sometimes less—before you'll need San Antonio sewer line replacement. Keep in mind that sewage lines sometimes suffer unexpected sudden damage from causes like earthquakes, impacts from shovels, and so on, and naturally, that sort of sewer line damage will drastically shorten their expected lifespan.

Do Orangeburg Pipes Have to Be Replaced?

In a word, yes. Orangeburg pipes, which are so named because they were mostly manufactured in Orangeburg, NY, are made from compressed layers of wood pulp fiber that have been imbued with liquified coal tar pitch. That means they are nowhere near as durable and long-lasting as other materials such as cast iron, ABS piping (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), or PVC piping (polyvinyl chloride).

Builders and plumbers stopped installing Orangeburg pipes in the 1970s, and they only last about 50 years maximum. That means if you still have them installed, they are pretty much at the end of their possible life expectancy—or well beyond it if they were installed prior to the 1970s—and trenchless sewer line replacement is going to be the best move for your San Antonio, TX home. By this point, they are deteriorating at an accelerated rate and will soon start to give you serious trouble if they haven't already.

When It's Time for San Antonio Sewer Line Replacement, Trust the Pros at Mr. Rooter Plumbing

Whether your home is in San Antonio, Texas, or a nearby part of the San Antonio area such as Universal City, Boerne, or Converse, you can get the same top-quality services for all your plumbing needs from the team of expert plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Antonio.

From maintenance to trenchless repairs, trust our expert plumbing team to get the job done right! Get in touch with us today by calling to chat with our friendly customer service representatives and schedule an appointment at a time that works best for you or to find out more about our reliable plumbing services in San Antonio, TX. Our goal is to help you improve your home’s energy efficiency and provide you with preventive plumbing maintenance to protect your pipework from extensive damage and costly repairs in the future.
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