Ground Shifting Due to Weather Affecting Plumbing

Wet ground and sidewalk during a storm
The destruction of property from torrential rainstorms causes much more than soggy ground and waterlogged plant life. When the earth has absorbed all the liquid it can, there is often a ground shift that affects the pipes delivering the flow of water to-and-from the residence. Pipes break from the stress of ground movement allowing further flooding, and shifting of the home foundation or building structure creating tremendous havoc.

Serious Water Deluge Can Cause

  • Serious flooding masks the immediate damage causing further problems until repair can be initiated.
  • Electrical wiring damage results from the shifting of the ground disconnecting electrical power to the structure.
  • Gas pipes break with seepage of gas leaks that can cause an explosion.
  • Foundations crack and break apart from the ground shifting.
  • Entire plumbing systems are destroyed, causing tremendous damage to the sewer lines not only around the home but entire neighborhoods with underground pipe systems can be destroyed.

What Is a Process to Remedy the Problem

  • Check your home/residence policy for rain and storm damage.
  • Check for debris, dirt, and other particles coming through the faucets and drains as an indication of problems.
  • Notice drains that do not flow properly, as this could be a definite sign of household pipe damage.
  • Basements and crawl space flooding can create many problems with the surrounding foundation and damage around sitting water areas can indicate sewer damage.

Be Prepared - Plan Ahead

  • If you live in an area that has seasonal storms, hurricanes, or torrential rainstorms you should prepare in advance for any annual occurrence.
  • Ensure you have adequate insurance coverage for flood, storm, and weather damage insurance. These particular types of damages may not be covered by your standard insurance policies whether you rent or own the property. Use the better safe than sorry rule.
  • If you have experienced a severe storm, hurricane, or another forceful torrential rain deluge, have your property and home inspected for ground shifting of soil and rocks that put a strain on buried pipes and lines.
  • Check with a professional to see if you should schedule an annual inspection of your plumbing, pipes, and grounds to ensure you are prepared for a major storm.
  • Ensure you have proper drainage around your home, and sump pumps where needed for minor drainage problems.
  • Have a backup plan handy with emergency numbers for quick reference.

Your home is your shelter, prepare and have inspections performed to avoid unnecessary repairs. At Mr. Rooter of San Antonio, our expert plumbers can work hard to fix plumbing issues fast so you don’t have to worry about further damage.

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