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Water dripping out of a sink faucet

Why It’s Important to Fix Leaks Quickly

Plumbing leaks can happen at any time, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them and just hope they go away. Leaks won’t fix themselves, so it’s very important that you handle them quickly before they do more harm than simply causing an annoying noise or puddle on the ground.

Why It’s Important to Fix Leaks Quickly

They’ll Get Worse Over Time

It may seem like just a small drip now, but leaks only get worse the longer they’re left alone. What starts out as an occasional drip from your faucet can turn into a flood in your kitchen. The sooner you fix a leak, the sooner you can protect your home from bigger, messier problems.

They’ll Raise Your Utility Bill

You probably don’t think you’re using that much extra water if your shower leaks from its base once in a blue moon, but you’d be wrong. A showerhead that drips just 10 times by per minute can waste up to 500 gallons of water per year. That’s a lot of extra water that will be charged to your utility bill!

They’ll Mess Up Your Flooring

You know that beautiful cherry oak flooring you have in your living room? You can kiss it goodbye if you have a long-standing leak from a pipe inside your wall. That water can seep under your floorboards and rot it from the inside.

Water Damage Can Lead to Mold Growth

When water from leaks seeps into your flooring or walls, all that extra moisture can allow mold to develop in your home. And that mold doesn’t just stay in that one spot — mold spores can spread through the air you breathe. This is not just gross, but also dangerous to your health.

They’ll Lower Your Water Pressure

If your water isn’t tightly guided through your pipes, your water pressure can suffer for it. Plumbing leaks often lead to low water pressure, so you will no longer have nice showers or easy-flowing faucet streams.

Fix Leaks with the Help of Mr. Rooter of San Antonio

Forget trying to do it yourself. Simply call Mr. Rooter Plumbing and avoid the inconvenience, mess, and potential damage. We’ll diagnose your plumbing problem, repair your fixture if possible, or replace it for you right away.