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Many residents in Universal City own their homes and are therefore responsible for maintaining them to the fullest, which includes having a healthy plumbing system. Knowing that your pipes are meant to last, it’s crucial that you keep up with any necessary maintenance tasks to keep them up and running. Unfortunately, not every home has it easy, especially when homeowners have to do more than just maintenance. While you rely highly on your water supply lines to provide clean water and drain lines to safely remove wastewater, there is actually more to worry about. Calling a licensed, Universal City plumber can help ease the burden of your plumbing maintenance and repairs.

Every professional plumber will tell you that San Antonio and its surrounding areas have some of the country’s hardest water, which can be hard on pipes, due to an excess of mineral buildups. Homeowners who are unaware of this problem will learn about it the hard way, such as when they experience a decrease in water pressure or stubborn clogs that lead to pipe leaks. Not to mention pipe problems that occur underground or behind walls.

The good news is that you can count on your local Universal City plumber at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Antonio to provide you with reliable and trusted plumbing solutions to ensure that you are in control. Our solutions include drain cleaning and installing water softener systems to help control the effects of hard water, along with many other professional plumbing services.

When you choose us as your Universal City plumber, we will arrive promptly for your scheduled appointment, in uniform, and take the time to conduct a thorough plumbing diagnosis and inspection. We'll also communicate clearly with you and answer any questions you may have to make sure the final result of our work and solutions meet or exceed your expectations.

Professional Plumbing Services in Universal City, TX

As a locally owned and operated plumbing company, we are proud and honored to be Bexar County’s first-choice plumber. Universal City, TX homeowners can rest assured that our experienced service technicians have passed all background checks and drug screens and are dedicated to serving our community with high-quality workmanship and customer care. We offer a range of plumbing services that includes water heater installation, trenchless sewer line repairs and plumbing fixture replacements. Moreover, we pride ourselves in providing the best preventative maintenance services to our community to help everyone stay safe and comfortable when using their plumbing systems. The least we can do to prolong the life of your pipes is to look after them accordingly. Your Universal City plumber has just the right tools on hand!

Water Softener Systems

In the past, water softeners were banned in Texas due to the environmental impact it had on freshwater streams and rivers that affected aquatic life. Sewage treatment plants also lacked the means of adequately removing the added salt. Nowadays, water softeners must be equipped with a demand-initiated-regeneration device that monitors water usage and only regenerates when necessary. With that equipment, Universal City homeowners can rely heavily on softeners to protect their appliances and pipes.

A water softener installation will help remove hard mineral content like calcium and magnesium via ion exchange. Water softeners have a long lifespan and are generally easy to maintain but require you to regularly buy salt to keep them going. Most common systems use the same basic process to decrease hardness. During this process, mineral ions are trapped in a resin and exchanged for sodium and potassium ions. In recent years, specialists have come up with more options that are more suitable for people who are sensitive to sodium. If you have health issues that include high blood pressure, your Universal City plumber recommends looking into these alternatives:

  • Salt-free: Some might argue that salt-free systems don’t really exist, and they’re not necessarily wrong. Salt-free systems are designed to neutralize mineral ions rather than remove them, so they don’t create buildups too easily. Therefore, it doesn’t have the ability to actually remove hard minerals, but it still reliably minimizes some of the effects of hard water.
  • Reverse Osmosis System: This system is another alternative that filters out contaminants and impurities, which also include most hard minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium. As an efficient cleansing and filtration system, its major drawback is that it uses a lot of fluid to operate and clean. One state regulation in place says that the RO system must not cause hydraulic overload, which means that it must not exceed its designed flow rate (i.e. too much water entering a system and triggering a backup). Your Universal City plumber will provide the efficient installation services you need to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Drain Cleaning Service

If we could make routine drain cleaning in Universal City mandatory, we probably would! But we don't want to impose; we’d rather promote it and make you aware of the potential inefficiencies you’ll experience in your commercial or residential plumbing system without regular cleaning. It could be one of many telltale signs, like gurgling sinks, recurring drain line issues causing toilet backups or standing water in sensitive areas. When those problems appear, you will likely need professional inspection and drain cleaning services to recover your plumbing’s overall equilibrium.

Signs that you need drain cleaning from a local Universal City plumber include:

  • Clogged fixtures (i.e., toilet, sink, shower)
  • Sewer gas smells
  • Slow-draining
  • Fluctuating water pressure
  • Repeated use of plunger and snake

Drain cleaning has never been this easy. Our skilled service technicians use HydroScrub® Jetting paired with our Enzymatic Drain Care solution to thoroughly clean your drains without sacrificing our high-quality work standards. The high water pressure and natural enzymes clear out even the most stubborn debris from your pipes. We don’t use any harsh, corrosive chemicals that could potentially damage your lines.

Note: If we haven’t previously inspected your drains, we will conduct a diagnosis first to ensure they are in decent shape and can handle hydro jetting. Your local Universal City plumber is here to help prevent clogs and reduce buildup without causing damage to your drainage system.


These issues tend to start small. From hair to soap scum to solidified grease, all these are culprits that eventually accumulate and form a nasty blockage. That’s when you will experience frequent backups or changes in pressure when using your plumbing fixtures. Have you ever looked into your drain opening and noticed calcium deposits? While you can scrub them away with an old household remedy (white vinegar and baking soda), you won’t be able to clean the rest of the drain with an old, short toothbrush; you’ll need a plumber. Universal City, TX homeowners know not to treat their toilets and sinks harshly. Still, some causes for clogged drains are not always in your control, such as:

  • Tree roots perforating lines underground
  • Cracked or burst pipes
  • Other foreign objects

Universal City Plumbers: Repair Services

You rely on your plumbing system every day, because it’s easy to take something for granted when it does its job. But the frequent use of plumbing fixtures will eventually result in wear and tear despite routine maintenance. Climate and circumstances can highly affect certain systems, causing issues like sweating or frozen pipes. Depending on the condition of your damaged pipes or fixtures, your Universal City plumber will recommend a potential replacement, upgrade or other preventative measures that will promote longevity and efficiency. Whether you need installations, repairs or replacements, we guarantee to get it done right the first time!

Pipe Repair

Plumbing problems can startle you any time and come in many forms, but broken pipes are particularly troubling. The worst ones are the invisible incidents where you have to rely on your ears. A burst pipe can cause structural damage to your property if it goes unnoticed. If you hear running water in the walls or ceiling or notice a change in water pressure, check any area where your supply line might be visible. Secure the affected joint areas temporarily with plumber’s tape or clamps and call your local Universal City plumber. Depending on their diagnosis, the permanent solution could be replacement. In less severe cases, replacing the fitting will also solve the problem. The most common pipe damage that calls for repair includes:

Clogs and Leaks

A continuously backed-up toilet or gurgling sink spreading sewer gas smells likely indicates a sewer line clog, if not other drain line issues. In those situations, your certified Universal City plumber will access your sewer cleanout (usually located outside) to release some pressure and run a diagnosis using a plumbing video camera. While this device can detect line material, location and blockages, it’s not able to detect potential leaks without additional supporting devices.

Leaks are among the most unpleasant occurrences that can happen, especially if a slab leak develops due to soil shifting, which is common in Texas’s highly expansive soil. The signs of leak aren’t always obvious, unless you notice wet spots on walls or warping subfloors. Other warning signs include:

  • Increased energy bill
  • Running water in the walls, ceilings or floors
  • Foundation cracks
  • Musty smells
  • Unusual wet patches on your lawn
  • Changes in your water pressure

Frozen or Sweating Pipes

Outdoor pipes and other fixtures or lines can freeze when uninsulated. Frozen pipes don't necessarily burst, unless water under high pressure flows through them in a rush, but you should still consider calling a plumber any time your lines freeze. Insulation is one preventative measure your Universal City plumber offers to protect your system from unexpected cold temperatures.

Although Universal City’s winters are short, we can still encounter condensation problems on a hot, humid summer’s day. When hot, humid air comes in contact with your cooled pipes, it releases vapor. The condensation that you see is the result of that hot, wet air that has gathered all around your home. Not only will it shorten your pipe’s lifespan but it will also damage any surrounding areas like your floor, walls or fixtures. Installing an anti-sweat valve or insulation will prevent this problem.


Older homes with cast iron sewer lines are susceptible to corrosion. Unfortunately, old plumbing will only deteriorate further, making the need for a plumbing upgrade inevitable. That said, we will inspect the existing sewer pipe and determine what kind of repairs are temporarily available. Feel free to share any concerns with your local plumber. Universal City, TX property owners can count on us to do our best in suggesting the most cost-effective and long-lasting solutions.

Universal City Plumbers’ Repair Methods:

  • Trenchless Technology: Pipe lining or pipe bursting methods are used to rehabilitate the damaged pipe using trenchless methods.
  • Pipe Rerouting: Cutting into existing pipes and repositioning them
  • Slab Tunneling: Another trenchless solution where your local Universal City plumber will dig a small tunnel to treat the affected area.
  • Excavation: As a last resort, this includes breaking through concrete or digging underground to access and replace broken pipes that are beyond other methods of professional plumbing repair.

Additional Things You Can Fix With Repairs From A Universal City Plumber:

  • Water heaters
  • Sump pumps
  • Sewer ejector pumps
  • Toilets
  • Faucets
  • Showers
  • Appliance drain hoses
  • Garbage disposals
  • Radiant and hydronic heating
  • Commercial plumbing systems

Universal City Plumber: Emergency Services

When you smell sewage in your backyard or lower level or hear running water in the walls, you need emergency plumbing services. Our emergency plumbers are available 24/7 to protect you and your property. No matter the time of day, week, or year, when you need help, one of our skillful Universal City plumbers will be there. You won’t have to worry about any overtime charges because your safety is our priority. Why would we put extra charges on that?

The moment you call us to let us know about your emergency, one of our plumbers will arrive at your home as quickly as possible and efficiently take over the situation so that you can rest assured your plumbing emergency will be taken care of with the best possible solutions and care.

Are You In Need Of A Local Universal City Plumber?

We are ready to provide Universal City with all the plumbing support that you need! We proudly serve all communities in and around San Antonio. Whether you have frozen pipes, a sewer backup or are in need of kitchen plumbing repair, we are your reliable, certified plumbers who will instantly get down to the root problem and make any problems go away before they spiral out of control. We offer you nothing but cost-effective, long-term solutions that ensure you get the most out of your essential plumbing systems.

Call today to book an inspection with your local Universal City plumber or speak with one of our outstanding customer service representatives about all the services we offer for maintenance and plumbing repair. Always striving to be a better version of who we were yesterday, we're dedicated to helping everyone in our community, and that includes Universal City, TX.

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