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Mr. Rooter Franchisee of the Year is no stranger to the stage. They’ve been a part of the Mr. Rooter family since 1992. And back in 1996, 20 years ago, they were awarded the Mr. Rooter Franchisee of the Year. They were a model franchisee then, and have kept pace to be the model for a new generation of franchisees. Speaking of a new generation, Vinnie and Mary Kay Sposari’s son and daughter, obth who have lived their entire lives around Mr. Rooter, are no getting involved in the business theri family has built. We’re awarding you guys Mr. Rooter Franchisee of the Year.

Started my company, it’s called Sposari’s Plumbing. Went around door-to-door, trying to get people to use my company. It was scary, the first couple years. Some of the early years, they were tough. Sposari’s Plumbing was fun to get started, but pouring it all into Mr. Rooter was the way to go. We wouldn’t be where we are today without being a part of Mr. Rooter. I have got a fabulous team working for me right now. I don’t turn the lights on, I don’t turn the lights off. I’ve got a management team in place that handles the office. I have my managers in the field. I’m kind of the visionary on where we’re going to take this thing, and then I let my team go and get us there.

He really empowers his employees, and empowers me to be his right-hand man. He cares about you as a person. Mr. Rooter has brought me to being able to afford my own home. He trusts me and I trust him. He’s a great man to work with. I got my career and I met my wife here. Mr. Rooter means everything to me.

This is the best team we’ve ever had. That’s the key to success right there. Having a group of individuals who enjoy each other, have fun together. We’re a very close family and we just love it when the kids are here. We have a big family, besides just the four of us. I’ve kind of adopted the italian way and love to cook and have everybody over. We’re happy sitting on the couch watching TV. If all four of us are together, we’re having a ball.

We’ve won a few awards over the years. What I’m most proud of is the Don Dwyer Excellence Award. I can still remember Don saying to me, “Well, what makes you successful?” And I said, “I’m not successful yet, I’m having a hard time paying my bills.” And he said, “Look at everything you’ve done. You’ve built this great organization.” It was inspirational to me.

Franchisee of the Year isn’t about me and Mary Kay Sposari. It’s about our team. I’m proud to say thank you to you guys for helping this company win that award. So thank you guys. We’re winning this award because we have growth in our business, we take care of our customers and have happy employees. It’s not about the award, it’s not about the destination of winning the award, it’s about the journey of getting there. It’s a very rewarding place to be.

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