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Tips from Your Local Plumber: Adding a Little Green to Your Home

In March, everyone seems to add a little more green to their lives. It might just be a green t-shirt for St. Patrick’s Day, some salad for National Nutrition Month, or a Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s. For years now, we’ve all focused on going green. With new technology it’s becoming easier to make our homes more environmentally friendly. So while you’re out looking for a pot of gold or four leaf clovers, think about just how green your plumbing is – and if there are any changes you can easily make.

Reduce Your Water Heating Costs

Every 10 degrees Fahrenheit that you lower your water heater can save you between 3-5% in energy costs. It also helps slow down the mineral buildup and corrosion of your water heater and pipes – which helps them last longer! We generally recommend setting your thermostat to 120 degrees.

While you’re hanging out with your water heater, touch it. If it feels hot, you need to insulate it. By insulating your water heater you can reduce the amount of heat that it is losing by 25-45%. This can result in a 4-9% savings in your water heater cost!

Insulate Your Pipes

After you’re done insulating your water heater you might take a peek at your pipes. By insulating your pipes, it can raise the temperature of the water 2-4% and it will reduce the amount of energy that’s needed to heat it. In short you’ll be getting hotter water, faster!

Do You Garden?

If you’re idea of going green is digging in the garden, set up a drip irrigation system instead of an in-ground sprinkler. Did you know that experts estimate that 50% of the water we use for outdoor usage goes to waste? A lot of that water is wasted because of evaporation and run off. A drip irrigation system would reduce water consumption by 20-50% and it’s estimated to save a home owner over $1000 in a lifetime.

Do you get a lot of natural rainfall in your area? Set up a rain barrel to collect the rain. A rain barrel will save most homeowners around 1,300 gallons of water during peak summer months. The rain can be used to water plants, wash your car (or windows!) or could even be used to top off a swimming pool. Because it contains no chlorine, lime or calcium deposits, it is ideal for your garden.

As always – by keeping on top of all of the leaks inside your home – you’ll be a bit greener and your wallet might be a bit thicker! If you suspect a plumbing emergency or just can’t remember the last time you’ve had a plumbing inspection please feel free to give your local Mr. Rooter plumbers a call!

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