How to Find the Right Size Faucet for Your Kitchen Sink

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If you need to buy a new faucet for your kitchen sink, there are a few aspects you should consider to ensure the design you select fits properly. Paying attention to a faucet size chart and measuring components before you buy them is crucial for a successful installation.

How to Measure a Kitchen Faucet

Consider the following characteristics to figure out what size faucet you need for your kitchen sink.

1. Check the Faucet Height

Verifying the size of the faucet you are considering will make it easy to rinse items you will place in the sink. This might include cookware, bins, baking sheets, and cutting boards.

You will also need to check if the faucet height is appropriate for storage cabinets or window ledges above the sink. Take a tape measure to your sink and measure the top of the counter surface to the nearest item above where your faucet will be. Then, select a product that fits in the available space.

2. Evaluate Faucet Reach

Faucet reach refers to the horizontal distance from the spout to where the faucet meets the countertop. You can think of this as how far into the sink the spout will sit once the installation is done. The product's reach should be the right distance to limit splashing.

Check that a faucet's reach will work for your sink. Your selection should run water directly over the drain when on.

3. Look for Faucet Handle Clearance Details

Many faucets have one handle for turning the water off and on as well as changing the temperature. Consult the product specifications to determine if there is a clearance-to-counter measurement listed. Using this information to confirm the space is clear ensures you can move your faucet's handle in all directions without interference.

4. Assess the Faucet Spread Configuration

Faucet spread is the distance between the operating handles or mounting holes in a sink top. This measurement is taken from the center of one handle's mounting hole to the center of the opening on the opposite side. Depending on the faucet you choose, an installer may be able to use malleable water line hoses that provide some flexibility during placement.

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