Should You Insulate Your Water Pipes?

In Oneida, average temperatures each year usually span between 16 °F and 81 °F over the seasons, and while they rarely dip below -2 °F or above 89 °F, this is a large enough range to put pressure on your water system and your plumbing. If you have been wondering if you should insulate your water pipes, there are several benefits to consider.

Benefits of Insulating Your Pipes

When you insulate water pipes in your home, you:

Save on energy costs by preventing heat loss as water travels from your water heater.

Reduce the risk of your pipes freezing in the winter.

Control condensation and potential water damage around your pipes.

Prevent bugs from being attracted to the condensation on exposed water pipes.

Save water because the water waiting in the pipes will be kept at the right temperature.

Make your home more energy-efficient.

Reduce the risk of burns caused by exposed pipes.

Keep the temperature of the pipes steadier, reducing possible damage caused by contraction and expansion.

Hear pipes clanking less.

Insulating your cold and hot water pipes is a smart investment. It makes your home more affordable and energy-efficient, and it can be a value-adding option if you are selling your property.

Insulating Hot and Cold Water Pipes

Many homeowners see the benefits of insulating their hot water pipes from the water heater to the tap. After all, insulating these pipes helps keep water piping hot all the way to your faucet, helping you enjoy more comfortable showers and saving you money on electricity.

However, it is also important to insulate cold water pipes. These pipes can freeze in the winter, and in the summer the cold water can produce condensation, especially on hot days and if you live in a humid climate. Condensation can cause water damage and attract pests, so insulating your water pipes is a smart choice.

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