How to Prevent Freezing Pipes

When the weather drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, your pipes may freeze, especially if they are uninsulated and located on an outside wall. Since residents in Upstate New York see extreme winter temperatures, your pipes have a greater chance of freezing. Fortunately, you can take several steps to prevent water damage during cold seasons.

What Happens When Pipes Freeze?

When a pipe freezes, the ice inside expands, increasing the pressure within. This pressure can cause the pipes to crack, leak or burst, leading to water damage in your home.

You can tell you have a frozen pipe if you notice:

  • A lack of water coming from faucets
  • Ice covering the pipe's surface
  • A strong sewer odor from drains
  • Unusual sounds coming from pipes

5 Tips to Prevent Freezing Pipes

To ensure that your pipes stay warm during periods of cold temperatures, consider these tips:

1. Buy Pipe Insulation

Adding pipe insulation around your pipes during the winter is a cheap and easy way to give your pipes the protection they need to stay warm. You can also seal and insulate other areas of your home to maintain consistent temperatures. This step has the added benefit of potential energy savings.

2. Use Heat Tape

You can choose self-regulating or thermostat-controlled heat tape to wrap around your pipes. These products keep the lines at more consistent temperatures.

3. Let Water Drip

Even a slow trickle of water from your faucet keeps the water in your pipes moving. That movement makes it more difficult for the water to freeze.

4. Set the Thermostat

Many like to turn the heat down at night to save on heating costs during the winter. Keeping your thermostat at a constant temperature during the day and night will reduce the strain on your furnace and reduce the likelihood of frozen pipes.

5. Open Your Cabinets

Keeping your cabinets open will increase the circulation of hotter air around your uninsulated pipes, keeping your lines warm, especially on outside walls. You can also set up a fan to move more heated air into the pipes' vicinity.

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