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Septic Inspections in Oneida, NY

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop septic tank problems before they start? At Mr. Rooter, we offer septic inspections in Utica, Rome, and Oneida that do just that. Make sure lingering problems are solved before they spiral into emergency repair situations. Call us today for your septic system check.

The Importance of Septic Tank Inspections

Home septic inspectionSeptic systems are designed to deliver years — even decades — of reliable service to homeowners. It’s vitally important to have your system inspected before you make a property purchase, and it’s equally as important that you have your system regularly pumped and cleaned every three to five years after that.

If you’ve owned a home with a septic system for a number of years but you can’t recall the last time you had it pumped and cleaned, an inspection might be a good first step. An inspection can help diagnose the underlying reasons for any problems you may be experiencing, including:

  • Bad scents in your yard or even inside your home
  • Water puddles or standing water near your septic tank
  • Sinks that drain slowly and toilets that flush slowly

Even if you aren’t experiencing any of these issues, a long layoff from pumping and cleaning makes a great time for a septic system check in Oneida, Rome, or Utica.

What is a Septic Inspection?

A septic inspection is a thorough test of all the components of a septic system, including the clean-out line, perforated lateral lines and the distribution box. When you choose septic tank inspection, your technician will conduct a thorough test of all the system's components. Tests should include the clean-out line, perforated lateral lines and distribution box. Small issues with any of these components can become much larger issues later on. At Mr. Rooter, we can deliver septic tank inspections in Rome, Utica, and Oneida that help find these problems before they become worse.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a House

Are you considering buying a home with a septic system? Make sure the septic tank is thoroughly inspected and checked before moving forward with the purchase. Why? Because a septic system replacement can be a serious challenge for a new homeowner. Consider the following:

  • Average septic tank replacement services in Oneida and the surrounding area are more than $6,000.
  • Septic tanks should be pumped and cleaned at least every five years and preferably every three years. Ask the current owner for evidence that this type of maintenance has occurred.
  • Prospective homebuyers should also seek septic tank inspections in Oneida, Rome, and Utica. These inspections should include load testing, dye testing and a thorough visual inspection.

The last thing you want as a new homeowner is to replace a septic tank as your first investment. Make sure you know what you’re getting into. When you choose septic system inspections in Oneida, Rome, and Utica you will know exactly what to expect from the septic system in your new home.

How Mr. Rooter Approaches Inspection

At Mr. Rooter, we approach septic inspections in Rome, Utica, and Oneida with a focus on comprehensive service. We run through a number of steps in each inspection, including:

  1. A check of the septic tank’s safety covers
  • An examination of the septic tank’s condition and type, as well as its maintenance requirements
  • A check for holes and cracks
  • A search for any drain field flow backs
  • A video inspection of the tanks outlets and inlets, as well as the pipe setting
  • A confirmation that water levels are appropriate for distribution boxes
  • An adjustment of the levels in the distribution box, if needed

Call for Your Appointment Today

You won’t find a better source for septic inspections in Rome, Utica, and Oneida than Mr. Rooter. Not only do we have the knowledge, experience and tools to deliver the best in septic inspections, but we also do our work with a primary emphasis on customer service. We seek to understand and meet your unique needs. Make sure you’re getting the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive septic inspections in Oneida when you choose Mr. Rooter.

Contact us to schedule your appointment for a septic system check in Oneida, Rome, or Utica.

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