Servicing Your Dry Well

For many homeowners, heavy rain can be a huge nuisance. From pooling water in your yard to flooding in the basement, excess water from heavy rainfall needs somewhere to go when the soil becomes saturated. Dry wells were designed to fix these problems for homeowners.

A dry well is installed at the lowest point in a yard. When there is a lot of rain, the water moves to that point and collects inside of the well. Many housing developments require dry wells because they are so effective at preventing a number of different water-related issues. Without them, heavy storms can cause erosion and flooding.

Below, we will talk about how you can keep your dry well in the best shape possible. When you take care of your dry well, it will continue to protect your property and home from negative effects of heavy rain.

Dry Well Maintenance

Like with any appliance or system in your home, you need to take proper care of your dry well. Even though dry wells can work just fine for several years without having any issues, routine maintenance is still important. When you are proactive about taking care of your dry well, it is less likely to develop more serious issues.

Here are some ways to maintain your dry well:

  • Remove debris: There is one spot where the water runs off into the well. Over time, debris like grass clippings, branches and other gunk can form a blockage at the entrance. With too much debris, water will not drain into the well properly. You can routinely check the opening of the dry well and clear away that debris to keep everything working as it should.
  • Check for standing water: If you notice standing water, especially near your well, it may mean the well is not working properly. You can try to troubleshoot and find the cause of the problem, or you can call a plumber to check it out and fix it.
  • Occasional cleanings: Unfortunately, once too much gunk builds up inside the dry well, you'll need to rebuild it. You can prolong needing to do this by cleaning your gutters and other debris. Most of the runoff that goes into the well comes from the gutter and spout system on your home.

Your dry well is a fairly low-maintenance part of your home, but it is a crucial one. Even when you maintain it yourself, your dry well may need professional attention at some point.

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