Dry Well Repair, Maintenance & Cleaning In Syracuse NY

A small investment in regular maintenance of your drainage system can mean all the difference when heavy rains or other flooding strike your area. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse provides comprehensive repairs and maintenance of all home drainage systems.

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If your property features a dry well, we can ensure it stays clean and continues to run its best. With seven locations, we’re able to provide prompt service to Syracuse, Auburn, Baldwinsville, Camillus, Liverpool, Manlius, Skaneateles, and beyond.

What Is a Dry Well?

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Commonly found on older commercial and residential properties, dry wells are responsible for collecting rainwater that accumulates on driveways and paved surfaces. They consist of a large, reinforced hole in the ground that is covered by a heavy-duty metal grate. A dry well is dug at the lowest point of the surface to allow rainwater to flow down, where it then filters into the surrounding soil. Most newer construction homes forgo a dry well in favor of a catch basin or other drainage system.

Homeowners and even business owners construct dry wells to control stormwater. When allowed to flow uncontrolled, storms with heavy rain can cause erosion and localized flooding. At best, stormwater could wash away a flowerbed. At worst, it could flood a basement or cause other damage. Dry wells direct rainwater to the lowest point, keeping it flowing along a certain path. It then collects the runoff from the rainstorm or melting snow, keeping it away from areas where it could cause damage.

If you are in the construction or planning process for a new home and are wondering if you should construct a dry well, a simple soil test will tell you all you need to know. This test will show how quickly water absorbs into the soil. You may feel confident completing this test yourself, or you may contact a service to complete it for you.

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What Service Is Required to Maintain a Dry Well?

Dry wells require little in the way of regular maintenance beyond periodic inspection and cleaning. One of the main issues to look out for is the presence of leaves or other debris clogging the lid of the dry well. If any litter is preventing runoff from draining into the dry well, simply move it out of the way and clean the lid as necessary.drywell installation

Another common dry well problem, particularly in older dry wells, is the buildup of sediment inside the shaft. Over time, dirt and other debris can accumulate at the bottom of the well, preventing collected water from filtering into the soil. Check your dry well regularly for any standing water. A properly functioning well should be able to process runoff in 72 hours or less — if water remains longer after rainfall, it likely indicates your dry well is due for cleaning.

Dry Well Service From Mr. Rooter Plumbing

Keeping your dry well lid clean and clear of debris is a simple maintenance task.drywell maintenance However, it’s recommended that a professional be hired to clean out any sediment that is impeding drainage. If your home or business relies on a dry well to drain stormwater, Mr. Rooter Plumbing can make its inspection and cleaning part of your regular service package.

To find out more about our complete list of home or business drainage services, or to schedule a maintenance call, contact one of our seven locations today.

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