Storm Water Planters In Syracuse, NY

A storm water planter is an environmentally friendly addition to any property. If you’re considering adding a stormwater planter to your home, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse can help. For years, we have been helping residents of Auburn, Baldwinsville, Camillus, and beyond build homes that are greener, more efficient, and more attractive.

With the simple installation of a storm water planter, you not only reduce water pollution, but you gain an attractive, customizable landscaping piece that will be a functional part of your home for years to come.

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What Is a Storm Water Planter?

A storm water planter is a large basin with a permeable bottom that collects water from a downspout connected to your roof gutters. The basin is filled with a combination of dirt, gravel and sand, forming a natural filter that strips away sediment and pollutants while providing an attractive place to grow wildflowers or other plants.

As a smaller-scale variation on popular “green roof” technology, storm water planters come in a number of different sizes and configurations. Basins can be installed above or in-ground — an overflow pipe allows water that has been processed through this natural filter to return back into the system.

Benefits of Installing a Storm Water Planter in Your Home

There are a number of reasons why storm water planters are gaining in popularity in homes throughout Auburn and the greater Syracuse area. A storm water planter:

  • Filters out sediment, bacteria, heavy metals and other debris from rainwater
  • Reduces the number of pollutants in the ground and in the water table.
  • Reduces the strain on your home’s drainage system and on municipal sewers
  • Provides an attractive addition to your home’s landscaping
  • Is a cost-effective, maintenance-free way of doing something good for the environment

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Interested in learning more about the benefits of adding a storm water planter to your property? Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing today to discuss how this simple, straightforward technology can benefit both your home and the environment in general. We’ll provide design, installation and consulting services to homes and businesses that are considering adding a storm water planter or any other green technology. Our team of experts can assess your needs and help you choose a system that’s right for you.

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