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Sewer taps are an important part of any home plumbing system. When it comes to repair, replacement and maintenance, no one knows them better than the team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse. We’re proud to be our region’s home plumbing experts, and we offer our services to any residential property.

Our technicians can be counted on for fair pricing, quality work and service that treats your home and yard as if it was our own.

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What Is a Sewer Tap?

Sewer taps are the connection point between your home’s main sewer line and a municipal water system. Without a sewer tap, you could not connect to the public sewage system. Having a sewer tap means your home does not need a septic tank since waste is carried away through the public system from your house. Sewer taps are responsible for forming a tight seal and ensuring no water leaks into the ground as it is transported through the system. Generally, they require no further maintenance, although like all plumbing fixtures, they can erode over time, come loose or wear away. When this happens, replacement is typically the only option.


Sewer Tap Installation

If you’re building a new home or converting an existing one from a septic tank to a municipal system, installing a sewer tap is an important part of the process. Mr. Rooter Plumbing can provide sewer tap installation for properties in Auburn, Baldwinsville, Camillus, Liverpool, Manlius, Skaneateles and throughout the greater Syracuse area.

Your licensed plumber makes the sewer tap — they will follow local regulations and guidelines to ensure everything is tapped correctly and safely. After establishing the sewer tap, wastewater from your property can flow into the main sewer line. From the main line, waste is transported to the local sewage treatment plant for processing and disposal. Using sew taps to connect your line lets you conveniently and efficiently remove and treat wastewater in an environmentally responsible way.

Our skilled technicians can take care of the process from start to finish, from obtaining the necessary permits from your municipality to performing the installation, testing and final fill-in. Contact our team directly for more information.

Maintaining Your Sewer Tap

Sewer tap maintenance is essential to ensure the safe, efficient operation of your property's wastewater disposal system. While sewer tap maintenance is less intensive and hands-on than other home upkeeping, you must regularly perform checks. Being mindful of your sewer lines helps you protect your home from damage — responsible drain usage keeps everything working smoothly. Professional inspections are essential for maintaining your sewer tap, but you can do your part to protect them as well.

Use these tips to help maintain your sewer tap in-between maintenance visits:

  • Annual inspections: Set aside time to schedule your yearly plumbing maintenance appointment — having a professional inspect your system helps prevent expensive damages and keeps your system in top shape. The earlier you catch an issue with professional inspections, the more costly repairs and backups you will avoid.
  • Careful disposal: Avoid pouring chemicals, large objects or grease down the drain. These can all cause clogs and backups, leading to the sewer system and home damage. If you want to keep your home safe and your sewer tap in good condition, be mindful of what you flush down the drain.
  • Protect access points: Your tap access point needs protection from debris and blockages. Watch for tree roots that might intrude into the sewer lines — they can cause significant damage once they get in. Consistent ground maintenance and keeping the area clean can help increase your sewer tap's life span.

Sewer Tap Repairs

As noted above, sewer taps can wear out over time and require replacement. Often, the problem will go unnoticed until it’s brought to a homeowner’s attention by a municipal inspector. Other times, it will be diagnosed during the course of routine work or as a result of other plumbing problems. If you notice issues like slow drainage, backups or foul odors, it is time to seek professional assistance. Getting a professional in immediately is critical for reducing your expenses and home damage.

Whether you have noticed an issue or your licensed plumber spotted a problem during your inspection, repairs must be made so your system works correctly. Sewer tap diagnostics and repairs can be challenging — they are difficult to view without assistance, and their location makes them inconvenient to assess and repair. Using an expert plumbing service ensures your sewer tap gets the resources and expertise it needs.

Mr. Rooter expedites the diagnostic process through a video inspection. This technology, available exclusively through Mr. Rooter Plumbing, allows our team to pinpoint the issue quickly, eliminating other potential causes and allowing repairs to begin immediately. Our video inspection lets us get into the sewer tap easily, reducing the time spent on your property and getting your system back in shape faster.

Once the problem has been located, correcting it involves digging a small trench and replacing the tap with a new fixture. Often, a municipal inspection will be required to confirm the work has been done. After inspection confirmation, you can get back to relaxing — your home sewer lines are working efficiently once again.


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