5 Common Spring Plumbing Problems

Silver metal fixture in wash area
Spring is the time for planting fresh bulbs, clearing out unused household items from storage, and being outside to enjoy the warmer temperatures. Now that spring has arrived, many local Syracuse homeowners believe that the worst plumbing issues — often associated with freezing temperatures and harsh conditions during the winter months — have safely passed. While many of the most severe plumbing problems do occur during the winter, with the spring thaw there are several plumbing maintenance tasks homeowners should perform to ensure the quality and functionality of their plumbing.

By spotting plumbing issues and fixes early, you can prevent significant property damage later, reduce emergency repair costs and extend the lifespan of your plumbing and fixtures.

Springtime Plumbing Mishaps and Maintenance

In early spring, as the last bit of frost melts, inspect several plumbing system fixtures and appliances around your home to check for damage and wear that could affect its overall efficiency and performance. Many homeowners find the following plumbing system issues:

  • Leaky, Cracked Pipes: During the winter, preventing pipes from bursting is a primary concern for homeowners — but warmer spring temperatures bring opportunities to spot other problems. Check for any obvious signs of pipe damage and note any sudden spikes in water costs or dirty-looking water coming from your faucets. If you detect these signs, you can attempt to perform repairs or call a local plumbing maintenance company to inspect your system and recommend solutions.
  • Clogged Drains: With more holiday parties, large meals, and long, hot showers, your plumbing experiences more wear and tear during the winter months. These events lead to more food scraps, grease, debris, and hair entering your drainage system, leaving behind clogs and slow drainage for the springtime. Remove this buildup by snaking the drains or calling a professional plumber to locate and remove all of the clogs and make your drainage more efficient.
  • Low Water Pressure: Having lower water pressure is a common sign for homeowners that their plumbing was damaged sometime during the winter months and a pipe somewhere is likely leaking. Reach out to a local plumber to locate and repair the issue.
  • Sump Pump Malfunctions: Sump pumps normally do not run during the wintertime because the outside water is frozen, but once warmer temperatures start melting the water, you’ll need an effective, reliable sump pump. Before spring, check that your sump pump is working properly and has not sustained any damage.
  • Damaged Hose Bibs: The outdoor plumbing where you attach a garden hose can often become cracked or damaged during a winter freeze — especially if your hose was not properly detached before winter. Most homeowners don’t detect these issues until after they turn their outdoor spigot on and flood the space.

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