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Updating Your Plumbing? Keep These Tips in Mind

If any part of your plumbing is nearing the end of its functional lifetime, your Longview plumber can help you evaluate your needs and develop a plan to update it. From replacing your fixtures to installing a new appliance or even new pipes and drain lines, take a look at the tips below to get started on a plan.

Repipe in Warm Weather

If any part of your plumbing requires replacement, it’s best to schedule repiping work while the weather is warm. Even though you’re replacing pipes inside your home, repiping during the winter can be more challenging. If you know your home will need new plumbing, it’s best to schedule this job sooner rather than later. This allows you to set a time for the work that is convenient for you, rather than experience a potential plumbing emergency during the winter when your pipes are more likely to fail. Additionally, if you’re planning any kind of home improvement project before the winter, consider repiping the plumbing that will be exposed during this work to save money and time.

Buy the Best Plumbing Your Budget Allows

Saving money can be a driving force behind many decisions you make for home maintenance. However, it’s important to recognize that skimping on your plumbing today could end up costing you more in the future. When making plumbing updates or upgrades, set a budget and purchase the best fixtures, materials, and new energy efficient appliances that your budget will allow. Spending a little more today means enjoying greater water efficiency, lower bills, improved longevity, and a lower risk for problems in the future. By exploring all your options and choosing the plumbing solution that best fits your home investment will literally “pay for itself” when you get the best performance and long-term savings from your plumbing for long-term savings that will outweigh the money you’d save by purchasing lower-quality materials today.

Remember the Value of Maintenance

Your beautiful and efficient new appliance or fixture won’t stay new forever. The best way to continue to receive the performance you expect from your investment is to maintain your plumbing. There are many simple plumbing maintenance tasks you can perform yourself, such as using a mild, eco-friendly drain cleaning solution to prevent clogs in your pipes and cleaning your fixtures regularly to remove mineral buildup that causes them to deteriorate. Scheduling regular plumbing inspections with your Longview plumber is another excellent way to stay up to date on the status of your plumbing and address small problems that could have a big impact on performance in the future. Prompt repairs should also be considered an important part of plumbing maintenance, so call your plumber for help as soon as you notice a plumbing problem, rather than allowing it to persist. The sooner you make repairs to your plumbing, the faster you’ll see a return to the efficient performance you want and prevent more serious issues in the future.

Upgrading your Longview plumbing is an excellent way to maintain and even increase your home’s overall value. You can keep up with the latest plumbing news and advancements when you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

Are you considering any major plumbing upgrades for your home this year?

  • I’d like to replace some of my fixtures, they’re getting old and inefficient.
  • It’s about time for a new water heater in our home—we’ll be sure to look for a high-efficiency model.
  • Our plumbing is getting old, but I need to ask my plumber if it’s time to repipe.