Commercial Garbage Disposal Services

Keeping a bustling commercial kitchen in good working order is a big task. Mr. Rooter® Plumbing is committed to helping our commercial customers stay operational by performing quick and effective services. If your commercial kitchen needs garbage disposal repairs, replacement, or new installation, we will be there.

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Commercial Garbage Disposal Installation

If it seems certain your commercial kitchen would function more smoothly with a garbage disposal, allow us to perform an expert installation. We will help you select the right unit for your kitchen, attach the unit to the sink drain, and hook up the necessary garbage disposal connections. After installation is complete, you will notice far fewer sink clogs and faster cleanup right away.

Commercial Garbage Disposal Repairs

Your commercial kitchen employees don’t have time to deal with a malfunctioning disposal. When the unit stops working, it often also means the sink stops draining too. Bustling restaurants and other food service operations need a garbage disposal repair partner they can trust for fast, reliable service. Mr. Rooter is the ideal partner in your area.

Commercial Garbage Disposal Replacement

Due to frequent, heavy-duty use, it’s not uncommon for commercial garbage disposals to malfunction after just a few years of use. If you’ve noticed that your existing unit doesn’t perform as well as it used to, or if you’re tired of resetting it every day, your local Mr. Rooter Plumbing can replace the unit at a time that’s convenient for you and your business.

Disposal Services Near Me

Your busy kitchen deserves only the best service, so partner with the best plumber in your area. With more than 50 years of experience, Mr. Rooter knows a thing or two about plumbing. To connect with us, call or request a job estimate online.

Frequently Asked Questions

My garbage disposal doesn’t turn on. What should I do?

Before you call Mr. Rooter, check these three things:

  1. Make sure the garbage disposal is still plugged in and that the GFCI isn’t tripped.
  2. See if the garbage disposal’s circuit breaker is tripped.
  3. Press the red Reset button on the side or bottom of the unit.

If none of these steps gets the garbage disposal running again, call Mr. Rooter Plumbing to troubleshoot the issue.

How do you reset a garbage disposal?

Garbage disposals come with a Reset button. They are typically small and red and are located either on the side or bottom of the unit. If the disposal stops running correctly, try pressing this button to reset the unit.

Do you have any garbage disposal maintenance tips?

The best way to maintain a disposal is to treat it right. Don’t force hard or fibrous items into the disposal, such as bones, potato peels, or fruit pits. In addition, cooking fat and oil, coffee grounds, and eggshells should never go into a disposal. Whenever the disposal is running, make sure there’s a steady stream of cool water running into it. Avoid clogging the unit by not overloading it with food scraps.

What can go in a garbage disposal?

Garbage disposals can easily process soft food scraps, such as fruits and vegetables, crackers, bread, and small pieces of meat. Putting a few ice cubes into a running disposal is a great way to clean the blades and reduce any foul odors.

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