Professional Quality Drain Cleaner

BioChoiceES® is the environmentally friendly alternative to caustic drain cleaners sold in local Longview stores. Our product is a professional-grade microbial drain cleaner, meaning it is safer and more effective than most retail drain cleaners. As a result, it provides a higher-performing drain system that lasts longer and costs you less!

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Why use BioChoiceES®?

  • It Works Quickly — The microbes begin working immediately after pouring.
  • It’s EPA-Approved — The EPA has recognized our product for being 100% safe to use around children and pets.
  • It’s Easy to Use — To use, just pour! The drain bottle cap acts as a measuring cup for the right amount per treatment.
  • Its High Value — Half a capful per treatment has more activity than 5 caps of other bio-products.
  • Prevents Plumbing Emergencies — Extends the life of your drain system

BioChoiceES® uses natural ingredients and processes to degrade organic materials such as fats, oils, grease, and soap buildup. It’s safer than caustic drain cleaners while being more effective than store-bought biological formulas.

What Does the EPA Logo Mean?

The EPA’s “Design for the Environment” program encourages the development of safe, natural products for consumers and professionals. Only products that meet high standards of environmental safety are qualified to receive the EPA’s logo and seal of approval. Due to the danger of many caustic drain cleaners on the market, having the EPA’s seal helps buyers know that BioChoiceES® is the safe, healthy alternative.

Directions for Use

Try applying BioChoiceES® during periods of minimal water usage.


  • Slow Drains — Pour 1 capful into the drain for 5 days, or until the drain flows quickly.
  • Preventative Maintenance — Pour half a capful into each drain once a month.
  • Septic Systems — Pump the toilet and flush half a gallon into the pipes. Add ⅓ of a capful once a week.


  • Slow Drains — Pour 2 capfuls into the drain for 5 days or until the drain flows quickly.
  • Preventative Maintenance — Apply 2 capfuls into each drain once a week.
  • Septic Systems — Pour 1 gallon into the drain trap once a month.

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