Commercial Faucet Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Commercial sink faucets see plenty of use every day in your business. Every industry relies on reliable access to water to maintain excellent hygiene practices or simply ensure team members have a refreshing glass of water to keep them productive. At Mr. Rooter® Plumbing, we take pride in helping local businesses run smoothly with commercial faucet repair and replacement, as well as the initial installation.

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Covering All Your Commercial Faucet Needs

Maintaining your facility’s faucets and sinks is important for health and safety. In certain settings, such as restaurants and hospitals, there are strict requirements on the number of sinks needs and guidelines that necessitate immediate repair. We act quickly to cover services like:

  • Commercial faucet sink installation
  • Commercial faucet repair
  • Commercial sink faucet replacement

Make the Fix: The Cost of Leaky Faucets

For businesses looking at their bottom line, water dripping down the drain is also money going to waste. A leaky faucet can cost businesses hundreds of dollars per year if substantial leaks in one or more sinks go unaddressed. Making timely repairs to your commercial sink faucets is an important part of taking a proactive approach to improving water conservation. The EPA notes that commercial facilities can lower operating costs by 11% if they address water use.

Commercial Grade Faucets vs. Residential

Commercial faucets and sinks are different from residential sinks in a few ways. Commercial and residential settings result in very different uses. Homeowners are more likely to use their faucets carefully and address small repairs quickly. The fast-paced workplace environment typically results in more wear and tear.

Commercial faucets and sinks, also known as “contractor-grade,” use more durable materials and designs than retail faucets, known in the industry as “builder-grade.” Commercial faucets often use metals in place of plastic or are designed to use a larger rubber O-ring that may handle frequent and rough use longer than other options. It’s important to work with a trusted commercial plumbing company that knows the difference and will use the right parts.

Commercial Faucet Repair, Replacement, and Installation Near Me

With locations across the country, Mr. Rooter Plumbing offers businesses a professional, punctual, and friendly technician to tackle your facility’s faucet needs quickly. Avoid health code violations and ensure a pleasant, hygienic environment for your team and guest. Call or request an estimate online from an experienced plumber today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do commercial faucets last?

In most cases, commercial faucets and sinks last for decades with proper maintenance. Many manufacturers offer 1–5 year guarantees on commercial faucets, sinks, and flush valves.

Are supply lines included with a new commercial faucet or sink installation?

Manufacturers often include a supply line with a new commercial faucet and sink, but you may need a longer water supply hose than what is in the box. Always measure your line and source the appropriate length hose to suit your needs.

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