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San Antonio Tankless Water Heater Repair And Installation

There are many reasons why you may find yourself in search of San Antonio tankless water heater services. Maybe your conventional hot water heater is on its last legs and you’re interested in switching to a new type of device. Or maybe you already have a tankless water heater but are experiencing problems with it and are hoping to find a repair solution rather than having to replace the unit altogether. Regardless of your reason for seeking out services, our San Antonio plumber professionals have the experience, knowledge and licensing needed to find the most cost-effective and efficient solution to your problem.

To inquire about water heater installation in San Antonio, TX, or to arrange an appointment for a free on-site quote, give us a call at 210-570-9965. Want to find out a little more about our services before picking up the phone? Check out the service details and frequently asked questions below and then contact us with any remaining questions you may have.

Our San Antonio Tankless Water Heater Installation And Repair Services

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Antonio, we offer services for two types of water heaters: conventional units and tankless, or on-demand units. Unlike conventional units, tankless heaters produce hot water on demand. Instead of storing pre-heated water in a tank until ready to use, cold water flows through the tank when you turn on your hot water tap and heats up instantaneously, resulting in an endless supply of hot water.

Like conventional systems, tankless units can be either gas water heaters or electric water heaters, depending on the infrastructure you have in your home. Regardless of the type and model of tankless unit you’re seeking services for, our professional plumbers can get the job done right.

San Antonio Tankless Water Heater Installation

One of the most common—and most unpleasant—signs of a water heater that has reached the end of its life is cold showers. You turn on the tap and without thinking about it, step into an ice-cold shower that wakes you up faster than any number of shots of espresso ever could. While there are health benefits to cold showers, we're guessing that you probably want to be able to have a hot shower now and then, too.

When our residential and commercial customers contact us for tankless water heater installation, they typically need one of two services:

  • Tankless water heater replacement
  • Upgrade from a conventional tank to a tankless system

A simple replacement is usually more straightforward than an upgrade, as your expert San Antonio plumber may need to make modifications to your existing plumbing infrastructure before installing a tankless water heater for the first time. If this is the case, your plumber will walk you through all of the necessary steps and explain the reasoning behind the steps they’re taking to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Multiple factors go into choosing a tankless unit. Some of these factors include:

  • The required flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Temperature increases in the San Antonio area
  • Energy efficiency, measured as energy factor (EF)
  • The upfront cost of the unit
  • Power supply type (gas or electric)
  • Product warranties

Comparing and contrasting all of these factors can be, understandably, overwhelming for the average homeowner. While the decision on the unit type is ultimately yours, take advantage of our knowledgeable plumbers’ expertise by asking as many questions as you see fit and requesting recommendations based on your goals, budget and needs.

San Antonio Tankless Water Heater Repair

Already have a tankless unit but are experiencing issues with it? We know just how big of an investment a water heater installation is, which is why we’ll always explore the possibility of repair before suggesting a new installation—as long as this is in your best interest. Sometimes repairs only prolong the inevitable, and if the main cause of issues you’re experiencing simply comes down to unit failure, it makes the most financial sense for you to simply upgrade your heater now before you put tons of money into repairs that won’t last.

Typically, we’ll get calls from customers who aren’t getting hot water, have error messages on their units or lose hot water part way through their shower. There are many different possible causes for these issues, some of which may include:

  • Excessive buildup of minerals
  • Overloaded system
  • Flame failure
  • Ignition failure
  • Air supply blockage
  • Exhaust blockage
  • Broken temperature sensor
  • Damaged flow sensor

Our plumbers have the training and experience to quickly and accurately diagnose the cause of the problem and find a solution. In some cases, we may need to order new parts to fix the issue, but for others, we’ll be able to fix it on the spot.

Conventional vs. Tankless Water Heater Installation in San Antonio, TX

You probably found this page because you’re already considering getting a tankless heater and therefore understand the benefits of this system over a conventional system. That being said, there may be more benefits than you currently know about. One of the main reasons that customers choose to select a tankless unit over a traditional water heater is simply due to the convenience of having hot water on demand, but there are additional benefits as well, such as:

  • Energy efficiency. Tankless units are much more energy efficient because they do not heat the water before it is needed. A conventional system experiences standby heat loss. If heated water is not used for many hours, it will naturally begin to cool, and the system will need to reheat it. This is an unnecessary use of energy.
  • Lifespan. Tankless units have a significantly longer expected lifespan than conventional units. As long as you perform regular maintenance on your heater, you shouldn’t have to replace it as soon as you would have to replace your conventional system.

Maintaining Your San Antonio Tankless Water Heater

Performing routine maintenance is important for ensuring that your heater lasts for years to come. You can follow our water heater maintenance tips on your own, but we also recommend scheduling a service appointment once every year. The main steps you should take to keep your unit in great condition include:

  • Removal of mineral buildup through system flushing
  • Water filter cleaning
  • Air filter cleaning

Some homeowners think that hiring a plumber to service their system when it’s working properly is a waste of money, but in most cases, this will save you money in the long run. For example, without maintenance, your $2,000 heater may last you ten years, working out to a cost of $200 per year. With maintenance, it could last 25 years, leading to a cost of only $80 per year. Not only is that a cost savings of $120 per year, but you’ll also avoid spending an additional $2,000 plus on a new installation too soon.

The Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Antonio Difference

Whether you need commercial or residential plumbing services in San Antonio or one of the many surrounding communities such as Alamo Heights, Boerne or Converse, you can trust our experienced plumbers from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Antonio to take care of all your plumbing needs—and for a competitive price.

Water heater installation in San Antonio, TX is a big investment, and finding a plumbing company you can trust isn’t always easy. Unlike other licensed plumbers, we’ll never ask you to put your trust in us without giving anything back. When you choose to work with us, you’ll receive two perks designed to give you peace of mind:

  • Upfront pricing. We’ll send a plumber out to your property to provide you with a quote for free. Our pricing is always upfront, so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll owe during those initial conversations.
  • Workmanship and parts guarantee. When you agree to that upfront price, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the service you receive, thanks to our commitment to quality. If you have concerns about the quality of workmanship and parts, simply let us know, and we’ll make it right.

San Antonio Tankless Water Heater FAQs

Do I Need A Professional San Antonio Tankless Water Heater Service To Install My New Heater?

Yes, you need an expert for water heater installation in San Antonio, TX, whether that’s us or someone else (but we really think you should pick us). The installation process is complex and can even be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, as it involves working with either gas or electricity, depending on the model you choose. Plus, if you make any mistakes during the installation process that leads to damage, your homeowner’s insurance provider will likely not pay for the damages.

Additionally, you’ll need to dispose of your old system before installing the new one. This can be a huge hassle and an additional expense. Disposal of your old unit is part of our installation service.

Are There Any Downsides Of A Tankless Water Heater?

There are cons to every system, and tankless water heaters are no different. Some of the drawbacks of getting this type of system installed include:

  • High upfront cost. The initial cost of the unit itself and the installation costs of switching from a tank to a tankless system are higher than the cost of conventional water heaters. That being said, both gas units and electric models tend to be more energy efficient than conventional systems, thereby lowering your energy bills and lasting longer.
  • Difficulty running multiple appliances at the same time. Once the hot water supply in a conventional system is used up, it will have to spend 15 to 30 minutes refilling and reheating. However, multiple people can have quick showers at the same time. With a tankless system, having multiple showers and running the dishwasher and washing machine at the same time may cause your heater to struggle to supply hot water. Its ability to do this depends on the flow rate of the model. The higher the flow rate, the greater its capacity to supply multiple fixtures.

What Size Of Tankless Water Heater Do I Need For A Family Of Four?

For a family of four, you’ll probably want a system capable of generating between 8 and 10 gallons of water per minute. Likewise, a household of two should aim for 6 to 8 GPM, while a family of six or more will need at least 11 GPM. These values will be different depending on your typical household water usage, so discuss your unique situation with your plumber before choosing a system.

How Long Does Water Heater Installation In San Antonio, TX Take?

The length of your San Antonio tankless water heater installation appointment will vary according to whether you’re swapping out an old on-demand system for a new one or upgrading your conventional unit to a tankless one. We generally take about 3 hours to complete your service from start to finish, but it may take more or less time depending on the specifics. We’ll let you know at the beginning of your service appointment how long it will take.

Will Tankless Water Heater Installation In San Antonio, TX Add Value To My Home?

There is evidence that installing a tankless water heater can add value to your home, thanks to the associated energy savings that come with it. Because they’re so small, they also increase storage capacity in your home as well.

How Long Do Tankless Water Heaters Last?

Whereas conventional systems last an average of 10-15 years, tankless units typically last at least 20 years or longer. As discussed above, regular maintenance can prolong the life of your system.

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Take advantage of the cost savings and comforts of having an on-demand hot water heater by contacting Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Antonio for installation or repairs today! To book your San Antonio tankless water heater service, reach out to us by phone at 210-570-9965 or fill out our job estimate appointment request form online. We look forward to welcoming you into the Mr. Rooter Plumbing family!

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