Have you suffered from clogged drains in your home? Whether it's a bathtub that takes forever to drain the water out of a kitchen sink that you can't even use anymore, a clogged pipe can cause tremendous problems in your daily life. Neglecting a clogged bathroom or kitchen drain is only likely to worsen the situation.

So what can you do? If you live in or around Syracuse and are struggling with plumbing problems, call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse. We stand apart when it comes to plumbing services in the area because we have the best plumbers and tools to clear your pipes of debris and get your drains working correctly.

Mr.Rooter plumber cleaning a drain.

Why Choose Us for Drain Cleaning in Syracuse, NY?

There's nothing quite like a slowly moving bathroom drain or standing water in your shower. Sometimes, clogged drains are caused by debris and blockages that require expert plumbers and cutting-edge tools. With plumbing systems providing critical functions, it is essential you choose a reputable plumbing service for your home. When you want high-quality, efficient plumbing services, turn to the professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse for help.

At Mr. Rooter, we:

  • Guarantee our services: As per our Neighborly Done Right Promise®, we stand behind our drain cleaning workmanship with a thirty (30) day Done Right Promise.
  • Are licensed and insured: We give you peace of mind by being highly qualified for any drain cleaning service.
  • Are available 24/7: Sometimes, drain issues don't wait for a convenient time. For this reason, you can call us anytime — day or night. We're even available on holidays.
  • Deliver exceptional service: We bring our own doormats and even wear shoe covers in your home. We go out of our way to treat your home like our own — no questions asked.

If you'd like, you're welcome to visit our testimonials page to see why our customers love our services. We provide exceptional customer service and lasting work for all our clients.


24/7 Emergency Drain Cleaning Services

When it comes to plumbing emergencies, waiting can have disastrous consequences for your home. Mr. Rooter Plumbing offers full-service emergency drain cleaning and plumbing twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you have broken drain lines, flushed objects, roots in the sewer line or another issue, we have an expert technician ready to take care of it for you. Give us one call, and we will dispatch our licensed plumbing team to your Syracuse home.

We understand the importance of stopping drain emergencies in their tracks. With our 24/7 emergency services, you can prevent issues from causing further damage. Whether your need emergency drain cleaning or plumbing assistance, we are available to help keep your home safe and sanitary with affordable emergency drain services.

How Our Drain Cleaning Services Work

Your drain may be clogged due to the buildup of food particles, soap, grease or ground-up food from the disposal. Whether it's your kitchen sink, bathroom sink or tub that's clogged, you can count on Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse to get the job done right and quickly.

If you need preventive maintenance, repairs or routine servicing, contact our team to get your drain cleaning started. We will schedule a convenient appointment time that works for you. Our licensed plumber will show up when your appointment time arrives to begin working on your drains.


Your drain cleaning begins with a detailed video inspection using a camera that gets into the pipe and lets us see everything that’s happening up close. Once we get a precise map of the pipe and its trouble spots, we can get in with our Hydroscrub® process. During your drain cleaning, one of our technicians will tackle your drain cleaning needs with our advanced HydroScrub® jetting services before running hot water through your pipes to disintegrate any debris or blockages. Our plumbers will use a drain snake to clear your drain of any obstructions.

After completing the initial drain cleaning service, talk to your plumber about setting up a regular maintenance schedule for your home. Annual maintenance inspections help ensure everything is working properly. Additionally, they can catch issues early before they turn into expensive emergencies. We will check your drains and other plumbing components during maintenance for potential problems.

How Soon Can You Expect a Drain Cleaning Expert?

You can expect a cleaning expert to take action immediately on your clogged drain the minute you contact us. Our technicians arrive at your home in Syracuse to diagnose issues such as flooding, backups, severe clogs, burst pipes and more. Whether you're experiencing damage due to fire, hail or water, you can count on us for assistance. With our 24/7 emergency service, we are available around the clock to help you when you need it.

What to Do Until the Plumber Arrives

If you're experiencing a plumbing emergency, contact us for quick service. While our 24/7 emergency services will get a plumber to you as soon as possible, there are steps you can take to reduce the damage while you wait. Taking all necessary precautions helps protect your home and its residents and sets you up for a potential insurance claim. Once you have spotted a plumbing emergency and called Mr. Rooter, you should take action to reduce safety issues.

Here are five things you can do while waiting for your plumber to arrive:

  1. Remove excess water: Use towels or a mop to remove excess water in your home, as water can ruin drywall and flooring and cause mold to develop.
  2. Take photos and videos: Quickly take a video or snap some photos, as this evidence may help with an insurance claim and help the plumber do their job.
  3. Turn off the electricity: Turn off your water heater and other appliances that may come into contact with water to prevent damage to your water heater tank.
  4. Shut off the water supply: Turn off your home's main water supply near your water meter or shut off the valve for the clogged or leaking fixture.
  5. Drain liquid from lines: The residual liquid will remain in your pipes even after the water supply is shut off. Go outside and turn on all fixtures to thoroughly purge water from the system, which may help with insurance claims.

Benefits of Calling Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse

When you call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse for your clogged drain or other plumbing issues, you get all the benefits of a professional plumbing service combined with the care of a locally owned business. With unmatched attention to detail, expertise and customer care, you can trust Mr. Rooter to go above and beyond with your home. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you work with Mr. Rooter Plumbing:

  • Hydroscrub® cleaning: HydroScrub® - Jetting is our sophisticated and exclusive process that can make your pipes like new. It involves a highly pressurized water jet with strategically deployed degreaser shots to loosen any debris and completely wash it away, leaving you with a clean pipe.
  • Reasonable rates: We have reasonable rates for plumbing work, even if you need more extensive drain repairs, and we’ll never spring any after-hours charges on you. We know that plumbing emergencies don’t always happen during regular business hours, so we never add on an extra after-hours charge.
  • Licensed and insured plumbers: Our plumbers are licensed and insured, which means our experience is backed by continuing education and high levels of education. Having the proper qualifications protects you and our team during a job, making sure you get expert plumbing services from a trusted professional every time.
  • Expert care: You will get fast, friendly and effective drain cleaning from our licensed experts. And we will recommend a regular maintenance schedule to make sure your pipes stay working at maximum efficiency. With our workmanship and parts guaranteed promise, you will get workmanship and drain cleaning parts guarantees that protect you in the event of an issue post-service. We stand behind our work and want to ensure you get the quality service you need.


Contact Mr. Rooter for Drain Cleaning Services

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse has handled all manner of plumbing problems in the Greater Syracuse area for years, and we can take care of your clogged drain right the first time. Whether you need routine drain maintenance or fast emergency service, we have you covered. With 50 years of plumbing systems experience, you can trust Mr. Rooter Plumbing to provide you with unmatched expertise and care. Enjoy flat-rate pricing, 24/7 emergency services and more when you work with our Syracuse plumbers.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse has numerous locations throughout the Greater Syracuse, New York area to serve you. We're proud to offer drain cleaning services in the cities of:

Just contact us, and we can send you a licensed local plumber trained in leak detection, drain cleaning and other plumbing-related projects. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can clear your drain, so contact us online to get started today!

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