BioChoiceES: Environmentally-Friendly Drain Cleaner

Mr. Rooter branded BioChoiceES jug.

BioChoice is a high-quality, professional-grade, and eco-friendly drain cleaning product recommended for the Pacific Northwest. What sets BioChoiceES® apart from other drain cleaning products is it uses safe and natural ingredients. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver is dedicated to providing the best eco-friendly option for maintaining a high-performing drain system.

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Unlike the caustic drain cleaners on the market, BioChoice is safe for your home or business, while remaining effective. It quickly clears away years of buildup like fats, oils, grease, and soap residue without adding dangerous chemicals to the environment.

Close-up of drain in clogged tub with yellow stains.

Male Mr. Rooter plumber pouring BioChoice drain cleaner into cup beside female customer in residential bathroom.

The Advantages of BioChoiceES®

BioChoice begins working as soon as you pour it into the drain, with no wake-up period like other microbial drain cleaners. More importantly, it is recognized by the EPA for being completely safe to use around children and pets. Only the safest products receive this recognition, marked by the EPA’s seal of approval on the packaging.

Other advantages include:

  • Easy to Use — No pre-mixing required; just pour and let sit. The drain bottle lid serves as a measurer to add the correct amount to your drains.
  • Great Value — Only half a capful is required for a single treatment, with more activity than 5 capfuls of other bio-products.
  • Long lasting Preventative — Keeps your system performing . Avoid blockages and emergencies and extend the life of your drain system!

What makes this product different from other microbial products in the stores? For one, it’s a professional-grade product only available from professional plumbers. Biological formulas sold on the shelves don’t have nearly as much microbial effectiveness as BioChoiceES®. It degrades organic matter quickly, safely, and in a way that saves you money and time in the long run.

BioChoiceES® bears the EPA logo, a mark only provided to the safest products. As part of the Design for the Environment program, BioChoiceES® has been designed with sustainability in mind. EPA approval is the most important distinction our product can have—it lets buyers know that we are a stronger, safer alternative to the caustic and dangerous drain cleaners currently on the market.

Are Enzyme Drain Cleaners Effective?

Yes, enzyme drain cleaners are incredibly effective, but they must be used according to directions. The biggest con of using a biodegradable drain cleaner is they tend to be slower and they are most effective as a preventative measure. They can clear more severe clogs, but it will take them a while. That being said, these types of drain cleaners are not only better for the environment but are better for you, your family, and your home plumbing system. They also tend to be more affordable.

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How to Use BioChoice

Using BioChoiceES is pretty straightforward, but its use will depend on your drain and sewer situation. Make sure to apply BioChoiceES® during periods of minimal water usage, such as at night or during the work day if no one is home.

Residential BioChoice Use

  • Slow Drains — Pour 1 capful into drain for 5 days, or until the drain flows quickly.
  • Preventative Maintenance — Pour half capful into each drain once a month.
  • Septic Systems — Pump toilet and flush half a gallon into the pipes. Add ⅓ of a capful once a week.

Commercial BioChoice Use

  • Slow Drains — Pour 2 capfuls into drain for 5 days or until drain flows quickly.
  • Preventative Maintenance — Apply 2 capfuls into each drain once a week.
  • Septic Systems — Pour 1 gallon into drain trap once a month.

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