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A Look at the Latest Plumbing Technology

Technological advancements in recent decades have made home life more convenient and economical than ever before. However, these developments aren’t limited to areas such as your computer, your lighting, and your HVAC system—your plumbing can benefit from these advancements as well! Learning more about the latest trends in plumbing technology is a great way to determine your next home plumbing upgrade, whether you’re looking to update your bathroom fixtures or are making plans to purchase a new dishwasher or water heater for your home.

Water-Saving Fixtures

Water-saving fixtures are one of the simplest yet most effective advancements in modern plumbing technology. Low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets can reduce your water usage by 25-60%, saving you money while conserving this valuable natural resource. Modern water-saving fixtures are available in a variety of finishes and styles, allowing you to completely customize the look of your plumbing. Although low-flow fixtures use less water per minute, they still deliver comparable water pressure as well, meaning you won’t be sacrificing comfort for water savings when you make the switch. Water-saving toilets are available in two models: single- and dual-flush systems. Single-flush systems simply use less water every time you flush to reduce the amount of water usage in your bathrooms. Dual-flush systems give you the option of using more or less water, depending on your needs, so you can customize your toilet usage for even greater water savings.

Tankless Water Heaters

Storage water heaters keep hot water in a tank, continually warming it to the desired temperature so it is always ready for use. However, these water heaters may use more energy than is really necessary to keep water hot. Tankless water heater technology has taken off in recent years, offering an on-demand system that heats hot water only when you need it, reducing the energy associated with water heating. These systems provide instant hot water as needed. Once you shut off your hot water, the tankless system deactivates until it is needed again.

Touchless Systems

Touchless faucets offer the utmost in convenience by turning on and off with the wave of a hand. Although these systems have been in use for years in commercial applications, they are now available for home applications as well. Touchless faucets can reduce your water usage by turning on and off more quickly; they also prevent you from accidentally leaving the water running if you happen to walk away for another task or simply forget to shut the water off. A touchless faucet is also a great investment in the look of your kitchen or bathroom—these faucets are easier to keep clean because you never need to touch them with dirty or wet hands, reducing dirt, smudges, and water spots.

LED Lighting

LED lights certainly add modern style to any appliance—however, they can also add safety and convenience as well. The use of LED lights to indicate water temperature on faucets can prevent accidental scalding while also producing a soothing and relaxing effect to help you recharge in the shower or bath. LED lighting in toilets can serve as a guide when you enter the bathroom at night while using a minimal amount of energy. Appliances and fixtures that incorporate LED lighting into control panels are often easier to use and can give your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room a sleeker, more modern look.