Outdoor Plumbing Maintenance for Your Spring Checklist

Spring in the Vancouver, WA provides plenty of sunshine, which makes it a great time to get outside and check in on your outdoor plumbing. During the transition from winter to spring, there are all types of drain and sewer issues that can arise, and Mr. Rooter wants to help homeowners keep things flowing smoothly!

Here are 6 common areas of plumbing that can be affected this time of the year that you can add to your checklist:

1. Sewer Line Root Intrusion

After months of rain and clouds, we all could use a little sunshine! Unfortunately, so can the trees in your yard. And as trees absorb sunlight, their roots are actively seeking water and nutrients. One of the nearest sources just happens to be the sewer line, where roots can penetrate the pipe and create a clog that backs up the drains to your home. If you’re noticing unusually slow drainage issues, call Mr. Rooter and say a polite adieu to sewer blues!

2. Broken Main Line

If you’ve noticed a recent increase in your water bill then it’s possible that your home or business could possibly be experiencing an underground leak. This type of issue can be noticeable if there is any puddling or water surfacing in a specific part of your yard that wasn’t caused by rain or the sprinkler system. You can also check for leaks from the dial on your water meter. Make sure there is no water being run inside the house, and then check the dial for any movement. If there is movement, this would indicate a leak. At Mr. Rooter, our plumbing professionals are experts in water service repairs. We'll fix the problem right away to ensure your main line is operating effectively.

3. Irrigation System

It’s important to maintain your sprinkler system to ensure its functioning properly. If there’s even a minor leak, it can result in an excess of water loss and harm your landscaping. Test your sprinklers by turning them on during the day to observe how they're working, while making sure there are no problems. After you’re done testing the sprinklers, walk through the yard to check for any puddles or over-watered areas that may need to be adjusted.

4. Exterior Hose Bibs

The outdoor plumbing faucet where you attach a garden hose can often become cracked or damaged when winter temperatures drop below freezing — especially if your plumbing was not properly winterized. If you try turning on your faucet and get surprised with bursting water or a leaky faucet, Mr. Rooter has the solution for you. No job is too big or too small for our licensed plumbers, and we're available to help seven days a week - talk about installing peace of mind!

5. Clogged Outdoor Drains

During the fall and winter months, it’s common to have leaves and other debris fall into your gutters and get clogged up in the outdoor drain system. Don’t let life back up though, Mr. Rooter provides emergency drain cleaning services at no extra charge - even on nights and weekends. No matter the extent of the backup, you can count on our service professionals to deliver the kind of lasting results that have earned Mr. Rooter satisfied customers for 20 years!

6. Inspect your Water Heater

While water heaters certainly won't be found outside, this is another common area of plumbing that can take a toll during the winter months. Whether you're dealing with a leak or the pilot light has gone out, Mr. Rooter is ready to help you! Our water heater technicians have experience dealing with all types of water heaters and we understand how important it is to have hot water working. We'll arrive promptly to diagnose the issue and provide an upfront flat rate price, so you don't have to worry about any unexpected costs. If you decide now is a good time to start fresh with a new water heater, call us and get $100 off a water heater replacement.

Get $100 off a Water Heater Replacement

If you have any concerns about your plumbing system, contact your local professionals at Mr. Rooter of Vancouver. We perform full-service plumbing, drain cleaning and sewer services. We'd be happy to help with your springtime maintenance to ensure your home or business is operating efficiently!

About the Author: Steve Ferree, Mr Rooter of Vancouver Wa

Steve has been a trusted Mr. Rooter owner of Mr Rooter of Vancouver Wa since 1999. With over 20 years to back him, Steve has experience with a wide range of plumbing related solutions and systems. He and his team specialize in drain cleaning, sewer repair, re-piping, and more.