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Common Signs of a Clogged Sewer

Dealing with a sewer line problem can be a major disruption to your day. However, there is a quick way to take care of this problem. The first step is looking for these common signs of a clogged sewer.

Sewage Odor

If you start to notice the smell of sewage near your toilet, or in the bathroom or house, there may be a clog in your sewer that is causing that odor to stick around. This sewage odor would be very distinct from the common smell that you’re used to.

Draining Slow

There are many pipes in your home or business that can start draining slower due to a backup in the drain line. If more than one of those drains aren’t flowing like they used to, whether it’s your toilet, shower, or sink, this is an indicator that your sewer line might be clogged.

Bubbles of Water

When bubbles start to appear in your toilet or sink, this is typically the result of a lack of air, a blocked vent pipe or a clogged sewer. Oftentimes you’ll know it’s a clogged sewer if wastewater is forced up into your toilet, shower or sinks.

Sewer Clean Out

Most homes have a sewer clean out on the property. If you notice there is sewage water overflowing the clean out pipe or standing inside it, this also indicates that there is a clog in your sewer line.

If you identify any of these problems or are dealing with another plumbing issue, contact your local Mr. Rooter plumber for fast, reliable service. Our service professionals have the expertise to properly diagnose the problem, and can use a camera scope to identify the what’s clogging your sewer pipe.

Don’t worry about what day or time you need our service – we’re on the road day and night, and we never charge overtime for night, weekend or holiday service!

We also offer an environment-friendly drain maintenance product that will help prevent future clogs in your sewer line. Unlike most caustic chemical products, BioChoiceES is a safe, natural product that is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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