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Haunted Plumbing: The Basement

This is our second year creating a bit of Halloween plumbing fun. We hope you enjoy!

Dripping sounds in a house is no cause for alarm, maybe a minor annoyance. Normally these little drips are a small annoyance that if fixed quickly cause no long lasting problem. Sometimes water problems aren’t always so easy to hear. Sometimes…it’s something out of this realm..

It all started with a normal family on a normal day. Mom was making breakfast and Jack was coming down the stairs. “Mooom, I don’t have a clean school uniform!”

“Are you sure? I know I washed them. Maybe they’re still in the dryer.”
“Ugh mom, you know I hate the basement. I stinks down there.”
“Oh it’s fine. You’re going to be late. Go on now.”

Jack headed down the stairs, taking two at a time. “Better to get this done quick…” Jake thought. He didn’t know what it was about the basement but he just hated it. It wasn’t that it was some creepy poorly lit thing like you read in books, it just always smelt off. Hopping over to the dryer Jack’s foot splashed in a puddle. “Ick..” he thought, pulling off his wet sock. “Where did that come from?” He mopped up the puddle before heading back upstairs.

“Mom, I think the washing machine is leaking.”
“No, it’s not. Did you see a puddle?”
“Yeah, close to the dryer.”
“That is sooo weird. The other day there were two down there. I don’t know where they are coming from.”

Jack went along his way, and his mother made his way down the stairs. She hears the small creaks the way the stairs make, but the lights are bright and new. Fresh paint keep the basement fairly inviting, but she has seen a few places where the paint almost seems to be darkening. Now there are small puddles popping up – not enough to splash in, but enough to ruin a pair of socks. She stood downstairs, listening for the drip drip drip to find whatever leaks might be around, but not a sound was heard.

She stood watching one of the small puddles, peering into it. A reflection that was not quite hers seemed to flicker in the water. Her eyes sharpened wondering who or what it could be. She thought of her mother. It had been a long time since she thought about her mom. Pulling the clothes out of the dryer she held them close to her, remembering her smell. Just at that moment she heard a groan echoing through the room.


She took a step forward, her sock soaking in the puddle that made her remember her mothers smile.

Have water in your basement you just cannot explain? It could be a number of things – a faulty water heater, leaks somewhere in the pipes, or even an overstuffed gutter that has found a way to drizzle inside.

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