How to Install a Bidet in 5 Simple Steps

Hand pointing a bidet remote at a toilet

Installing a bidet is a great way to enhance your bathroom and improve your hygiene. While you do need a plumber to install a freestanding bidet in your bathroom, you can install a bidet toilet seat yourself in a few simple steps with minimal tools required.

How to Install a Bidet Toilet Seat

Use the following steps for a seamless bidet toilet seat installation.

1. Turn Off the Water to the Toilet

Before beginning the installation, make sure your water supply is turned off to avoid creating any messes. To shut off the water, locate the supply hose close to the floor behind your toilet. Turn the water supply valve clockwise until the water turns off, then flush the toilet until you deplete the water remaining in the bowl and tank.

2. Remove the Old Toilet Seat

Next, take off your existing toilet seat to make room for the bidet. With a screwdriver, remove the tops of the bolts connecting your toilet seat to the rim. You may need to reach under the toilet to loosen the nuts holding the bolts in place. Once you remove the nuts and bolts, you should be able to easily lift the toilet seat off.

3. Install the T-Valve to Your Existing Toilet

Your new bidet seat should include a T-shaped valve, or T-Valve, which supplies water to the bidet sprayer. To install the T-Valve, unscrew the water supply hose and attach the valve to the base of the bowl where the water supply hose was connected. Then, reattach the supply hose.

Installing T-valve to your existing toilet

4. Mount Your Bidet Toilet Seat

Different bidets may have varying mounting apparatuses. Generally, you can insert the provided mounting bolts on the seat into the bolt holes and secure them with nuts underneath the rim, similar to how you would install a traditional seat. You may need a wrench or screwdriver to tighten the bolts properly.

5. Connect the Bidet to Your Water Supply

Take one end of your bidet's water supply hose and attach it to the remaining opening of the T-Valve. Secure the other end of the bidet hose to the attachment on the side of the bidet seat. Twist the toilet shut-off valve counter-clockwise to refill your tank and supply water to your bidet seat.

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