Trenchless Sewer Line Repair in Syracuse, NY

Underground pipe repair is a complicated but necessary process. Getting into the ground to repair and replace your pipe systems often involves digging up the land and other invasive methods to solve your problem.

The pipe bursting method is an efficient, less-invasive method for pipe repair. Traditional pipe replacement methods tear up the ground and interfere with your day-to-day process. Using the pipe bursting method lets you get the pipe services you need while maintaining the landscape's integrity.

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What Is the Pipe Bursting Method?

Pipe bursting is a convenient trenchless pipe bursting repair method. Instead of digging into your property and ripping up the ground to access the old pipes, pipe bursting allows professionals to replace the old lines as they install new ones. Pipe bursting methods provide a smooth, less-intrusive trenchless pipe replacement for your property. Trenchless methods work for large and small projects, making them adaptable to your needs.

How Does the Sewer Pipe Bursting Method Work?

Trenchless sewer line repair in syracuse.

Pipe bursting works by inserting a hydraulic expander head underground to break up the old line. The new pipeline follows the head underground. The head gets pulled through the old pipes — it is just small enough to fit inside, but it breaks apart the old line as it is pulled through. As the expander head breaks the old pipe, the new pipe gets pulled through in its place. With this method, the new line sits precisely where the old pipe was without digging up the entire area.

The expander's head travels through the ground with a pulling machine. A hydraulic system generates power, which travels through pulling rods. These pulling rods are attached to the expander head, allowing it to travel through the old pipes and lay the new ones. Since the pipes and head travel through small entry and exit holes, there is minimal property and environmental damage. Using this method allows for highly efficient, environmentally conscious pipe replacement.

When Should Pipe Bursting Be Considered?

Pipe repair by bursting has lots of uses — it is versatile and convenient in many situations. Since it is less intrusive than other techniques and is more environmentally friendly, pipe bursting is often the best method for the job. Consult with your plumber to ensure pipe bursting is right for you. The right method will protect your property and pipes while ensuring you get the pipe solution you need.

Here are some of the situations you should consider pipe bursting for:

  • Pipe repair: Collapsed pipe repair is an excellent use for pipe bursting. When heavy flooding and rain happen, the ground can shift and collapse your pipes. Pipe bursting can fix the collapsed pipe sections.
  • Pipe replacement: Damaged pipes or sewer lines need fast replacement to prevent inconveniences in your life. Pipe bursting quickly and easily replaces damaged lines without significantly impacting your property. If you are dealing with root intrusions or broken pipe sections, pipe bursting is an excellent replacement method.
  • Increasing pipe size: Many people and businesses need to upgrade their pipe size at some point. Increasing water pressure and flow demands require larger pipe sizes. Pipe bursting clears out the smaller pipes easily, simultaneously replacing them with the larger size you need.
  • Enhancing water flow: If you have been dealing with dropping water pressure, pipe bursting can fix that. Since the expander head travels through the existing pipe, it can slide through and clear out issues impacting your water pressure. It removes sediment easily without harming your pipes for better water pressure.
  • Upgrading pipelines: When lines get old and need replacing, you want to upgrade your system with as little intrusion as possible. Pipe bursting has minimal exterior damage compared to other replacement methods. You will get the system you need without ripping out all the pipes and ground above them.

Advantages of Pipe Bursting

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Pipe bursting has many advantages. Its benefits often make pipe bursting better than other sewer replacement and repair methods. Pipe bursting is convenient, minimally invasive, and more environmentally friendly than other strategies. The pipe bursting method allows professionals to complete your pipe work quickly while maintaining the property above.

Here are a few of the advantages of using the pipe-bursting method:

  • Adaptable: Pipe bursting is highly versatile — professionals can use it for several pipe repair and replacement projects. Both small and large projects work with pipe bursting. Pipe bursting also works with almost all pipe materials, excluding polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Additionally, this method works for many different pipe diameters and conditions.
  • Efficient: With fewer excavation points and minimal swapping, pipe bursting is highly efficient. The excavator's head destroys the old pipe while laying the new line in place, reducing the time and physical labor it takes to replace or repair pipes. Without digging up the ground, you save time on the entire project and preserve your property.
  • Minimally invasive: Pipe bursting reduces the impact on your property. Any landscaping, surface structures and concrete will remain intact throughout the project. Additionally, your property will not need to be dug up to replace the pipes, preserving its look and quality. Pipe bursting involves a few small holes for head entry and exit, but digging up your land is unnecessary.

Cost of the Pipe Bursting Repair Method

There are lots of factors that affect your pipe bursting method costs. While any pipework will be an investment, the efficiency and quality of pipe bursting mean it will usually cost more upfront than other methods. Your pipe-bursting job will cost you anywhere from $60 to $250 per linear foot of pipe. Some of the factors that will affect your total cost include:

  • Project size: The more extensive your project, the more it will cost. Larger replacement jobs require more materials, labor, and time, so you will pay more for bigger projects.
  • Project difficulty: The more complicated your project, the more expensive it can be. Pipe damage, slope, and size increase costs. Property location, nearby structures, permits, and nearby utilities can make a project more complicated. It may cost more if your replacement involves working around many essential and complicated structures.
  • Project materials: Any materials needed to replace landscaping or pipes will add to the total cost. The higher-end your pipe materials, the more expensive they will be. If more invasive land work is needed, replacing all of that will also increase costs.

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Trenchless sewer line repair in syracuse infographic.

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