Does Leak Tape Actually Work?

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Walking around your local hardware store, you will likely find leak tape. This product goes by several names, including Teflon, self-fusing tape, and leak repair tape. Property owners looking for a quick fix for hairline cracks and leaky connections often turn to these offerings in hopes of seeing results.

In some cases, plumbing tape actually does work for water leaks. Learn more about when this product may suit your needs.

What Is Plumbing Leak Tape and What Does It Do?

Plumbing leak tape's main purpose is to stop water from escaping connections — usually at a joint. Depending on the variety, an experienced professional can use tape to mitigate numerous plumbing issues.

Plumbing Pipe Thread Tape

Pipe thread tape is referred to as Teflon tape or thread seal tape. This tape is mainly used to make seals near plumbing joints and to lubricate connections for assembly and disassembly.

Plumbing Silicone Tape

Plumbing silicone tape or self-amalgamating tape is designed to stick to itself. It is common to see silicone tape used to stop water from leaking temporarily until a permanent repair can be made.

Appropriate Uses of Pipe Leak Tape

You need the right tape for water leaks to fix them successfully. Plumbing repair tape is used as follows.

1. Correcting Leaky Joints

A common place for pipes to leak is at connecting joints, especially after time has passed since the initial installation. Plumbing pipe thread tape is an excellent solution for these problems.

2. Sealing Small Pipe Fractures

Hairline fractures are associated with damaged pipes and result in water trickling from flat metal surfaces. You might rely on self-amalgamating tape to create a temporary waterproof seal until you can have a professional correct the issue at the source.

Does Plumbing Repair Tape Really Work?

The type of leak you have and the tape selected for the job will determine how long you see results. Pipe thread tape has the potential to last for years. As long as the water is no longer dripping at a joint, you can consider this a long-term fix.

Plumbing silicone tape is effective, but you should only use these products to buy yourself time for a licensed plumber to arrive. It is vital you leave pipe replacement work to experts with training and experience.

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