Mr. Jim, Training Supervisor

Jim headshot.

Jim just celebrated 24 years with Mr. Rooter. He puts his plumbing wisdom and experience to work every day, providing ongoing training to service professionals specializing in drain cleaning. Jim believes “the best part of being a trainer is watching young people grow in their confidence and plumbing expertise.” He also takes personal satisfaction in a job well done and winning the approval of customers who appreciate it.

Ms. Aisha, Journeyman Plumber

Aisha headshot.

She’s a super star and recently achieved a major life goal in becoming a licensed journeyman plumber. “People are fascinated that I am a plumber,” says Aisha. “They usually ask me tons of questions and hang out with me while I work.” Aisha enjoys meeting new people every day and always takes the time to explain the problem and how she is going to fix it.

Mr. Brian, Senior Journeyman Plumber

Brian B. headshot.

A 10-year veteran of Mr. Rooter Plumbing, Brian is known for his outstanding customer compliments and high standards of quality workmanship. As a senior licensed journeyman plumber, he oversees major jobs such as residential re-pipes. He trains apprentices to become licensed plumbers and is a mentor to the entire team. “I get to work with great people every day.”

Mr. Caleb, Service Professional

Caleb headshot.

Caleb focuses on being friendly and understanding when customers are dealing with stressful situations. “I want to provide an honest and professional diagnosis and explain the best long-term solution.” Caleb knows a customer is happy with his work when he sees a genuine smile. “There’s a difference between a fake smile to get you out the door and a real smile that says you’ve done a great job!”

Mr. Cameron, Plumbing Apprentice

Cameron headshot.

“Everyone at Mr. Rooter tries to go above and beyond with ethics, customer service and professionalism,” says Cameron. He excels at customer service and is working on his plumbing license as an apprentice. “Great customer service is a job well done, transparency, communication and etiquette. I get to do it every day!”

Mr. Chaz, Service Professional

Chaz headshot.

Chaz enjoys helping customers solve their drain problems, especially when he educates them on the long-term benefits of hydro-scrubbing. “I know the homeowner is going to be happy when we can warranty the line for a year.” While the driving part of the job can be frustrating, Chaz turns it into a positive. “I get to see parts of town that I would never see otherwise.”

Mr. Chris H, Journeyman Plumber

Chris H. headshot.

Chris just finished his 13th year with Mr. Rooter Plumbing, and customers appreciate his focus on “the best value” in the plumbing recommendations he makes. He trains plumbing apprentices and really enjoys “the great friendships developed over the years with the other plumbers and service professionals.” Chris gets rave reviews from his customers and co-workers alike!

Mr. Chris M, Senior Service Professional & Water Heater Specialist

Chris M. headshot.

He is a licensed water heater specialist and has been focused on great customer service and teamwork for 13-years at Mr. Rooter. Chris has high standards for himself and others and exemplifies Mr. Rooter’s Core Values. He feels that the best part of his job is being a trainer and “seeing a new technician go from his first day to achieving life goals!”

Mr. Cody, Service Professional

Cody headshot.

As a service professional focused on drain and sewer cleaning, Cody takes pride in tackling the most challenging “clog,” and he has high standards of professionalism. I enjoy the opportunity to go out each day and help others solve problems that most people don’t want to deal with,” he says. “It’s great to be part of a team of professionals who are always out to be their best.”

Mr. Colby, Service Professional

Colby headshot.

Mr. Dontee, Service Professional

Dontee headshot.

Mr. George, Service Professional

George headshot.

George says the best part about working at Mr. Rooter is the challenge of something new and different every day. But if he were to choose, he knows how especially stressful a sewer issue is for our customers. “Working hard to clear a sewer line brings me a feeling of accomplishment and relief for the customer. Everyone here is a team player working towards the same goal – helping customers the best way possible.”

Mr. James, Plumbing Apprentice

James, plumbing apprentice, headshot.

He has nearly achieved his career goal of becoming a licensed journeyman plumber. James started at Mr. Rooter as a service professional focused on drain cleaning and now, he is building his plumbing skills as an apprentice. “I enjoy fixing and solving issues for people, and always try and go ‘above and beyond’ in providing the best solution and best value.”

Mr. Jason, Service Professional

Jason headshot.

Jason often reflects on how good it feels to have found a job that he loves. “You’ll have to fire me, or I’ll die before I leave here,” he says in all seriousness. “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the team atmosphere and integrity of the management team.” And, our customers rave about how much they appreciate Jason!

Mr. Jeremy H, Plumbing Apprentice

Jeremy H. headshot.

Jeremy enjoys the challenge of something new and different every day and takes great satisfaction in helping people. “I try to do every job the way that I would want someone to do the work in my own house,” he says. “I like that we are very customer-focused and try to give high quality service and build as much value as possible into everything we do.”

Mr. John, Journeyman Plumber

John headshot.

A seven-year Mr. Rooter veteran, John brings exceptional plumbing skills to both Oregon and Washington customers. He's a plumbing apprentice trainer and thinks highly of the management team. "They are easy to get along with, and everyone on the team is helpful with any type of plumbing job."

Mr. Justin, Senior Service Professional & Water Heater Specialist

Justin headshot.

Justin is a licensed water heater specialist and serves as a trainer for new service professionals. A great teacher and coach, he enjoys learning new things. “Even after eight years, there’s always something new to learn,” he says. “And, it’s great to be part of a company that genuinely cares about taking care of their customers and employees.”

Mr. Kevin H, Service Professional & Water Heater Specialist

Kevin headshot.

Kevin made a big career change when he joined our Mr. Rooter team six years ago. As a former chef, he knows how to create an exceptional customer experience from start to finish. “It’s always great to see the relief and satisfaction on a customer’s face when we’ve resolved their plumbing issue,” says Kevin. “And they always say they will recommend us to the people they know.”

Mr. Mike L, Journeyman Plumber

Mike L. headshot.

Mike just celebrated 22 years with Mr. Rooter Plumbing. As a Washington licensed journeyman plumber, his favorite part of the job is the ability to help customers with their plumbing issues. He’s seen the company grow over the years and appreciates “the good teamwork, great co-workers, and a company that values my skills and contributions.”

Mr. Mike R, Journeyman Plumber

Mike R. headshot.

You will see his bright red truck all over Clark and Cowlitz counties. Mike is a licensed journeyman plumber in Washington and is meticulous about his work. He truly enjoys plumbing inspections and pre-empting plumbing issues before they become a problem. Paperwork is not his favorite, so he especially likes using tablets in the field. “It has streamlined administrative work and allows me to focus on taking care of the customer.”

Mr. Nicholas, Journeyman Plumber

Nicholas headshot.

Nicholas was a service professional focused on drain cleaning and completed his apprenticeship to become a licensed journeyman plumber. When asked what sets Mr. Rooter apart from other plumbing companies, Nicholas replies “We wear belts.” Awkward visuals aside, he adds “We’re lucky to have such loyal customers that frequently call the office to leave reviews and feedback. It’s nice to know how much we’re appreciated.”

Mr. Phil, Service Professional

Phil headshot.

Phil got his start in Mr. Rooter’s excavation department where he repaired and replaced sewer lines. His knowledge of plumbing systems translated perfectly to his work as a service professional focused on drain cleaning. “What I like most is working with my hands and the constant learning and problem solving,” he says. “I love the growth opportunities this job offers.”

Mr. Quinn, Warehouseman

Quinn headshot.

Mr. Ric, Journeyman Plumber

Ric headshot.

Mr. Riko, Service Professional

Riko headshot.

Mr. Scottie, Service Professional

Scottie headshot.

Mr. Tucker, Journeyman Plumber

Tucker headshot.

Tucker made Mr. Rooter proud when he became a licensed journeyman plumber after starting with the company as a service professional six-years ago. He thrives in delivering great customer service and especially appreciates “our focus on building lasting relationships with customers based on good service.”

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