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To properly maintain your waste management system, you will regularly need help from a team of experienced professionals. Over the course of time, your home or business’s waste management system may become clogged, compacted, or smelly. Mr. Rooter of Mid-Shore specializes in wastewater management services. When you have a problem with your septic tank, drain field, sewer lines, or any other part of your waste management system, you can trust our team to offer you quick, convenient, and reliable solutions. Learn more about our wastewater management services!

Our Comprehensive Waste Management Solutions

You might be wondering what kind of services we offer at Mr. Rooter of Mid-Shore. We offer specialized services surrounding waste systems, like septic tanks, sewer lines, and more. From cleaning drains to rejuvenating drain fields, we offer all the services you need to keep your waste management system working in peak condition. Below, you can find a brief description of some of our most commonly requested services.

Septic Cleaning

Your septic tank will likely need to be cleaned every one to three years. Some septic systems need to be cleaned even more often based on the size of the tank and the amount it is used. Our team offers incredibly thorough septic tank cleaning services. We clean all parts of your septic system, including the inlet and outlet baffles. Our wastewater removal service team will start by carefully removing all the ground around the tank and placing it on a tarp. Then, we carefully clean the inside of the tank and ensure it is working properly. Finally, we will replace the sod over your tank when the job is done.

Drain Cleaning

If your property’s drains aren’t flowing freely, you can experience many serious problems, such as sewage backups and unpleasant odors. Our team is here to help you keep your drains clean and prevent these common issues. We perform drain cleaning services on nearly any drain, whether it’s a commercial wastewater treatment plant or a residential toilet. You can rely on our drain cleaning team to get your drains flowing at maximum capacity.

Drain field Restoration

Eventually, the biomat in a septic system’s drain field will become hard and compacted. This will impede the drainage of wastewater and cause your lawn to become soggy and smell like sewage. Many homeowners think they need to completely replace their property’s septic system at this point. Luckily, that’s not the case when you call a skilled team like Mr. Rooter of Mid-Shore. We offer drain field restoration services. Within a single day, we can get your drain field draining again, and it doesn’t require extensive digging of trenches or large holes. We use Terralift equipment to drill holes in strategic locations. This punctures deep enough to break up the compacted biomat and insert air into the soil, breaking it up enough to promote healthy drainage.

Hydro Jetting

Some of the most difficult clogs form deep within pipes like sewer lines. Drain pipe cleaning is no DIY job. It requires heavy-duty machinery and world-class equipment operators. At Mr. Rooter of Mid-Shore, we can use hydrojetting to bust the most stubborn clogs. Grease, oil, sludge, and tree roots can turn into clogs that refuse to be removed by traditional rooters and snakes. Hydrojetting involves inserting a special nozzle into the pipe and blasting highly pressurized water, somewhat like pressure washing a driveway. This method of drainpipe cleaning is capable of removing blockages and leaving your pipes cleaner than ever.

Jet Vac Vacuum Pumping

Jet Vac vacuum pumping is a flexible method that can be used for digging, removing waste, and flushing sewers. Vacuum pumping combines pressurized water with a high-powered vacuum. The combination breaks up compacted materials and can suction them into a truck for disposal. This technique is often used for septic pumping services, excavation, and cleaning out storage containers of all kinds.

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