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Timely Solutions to Resolve Your Home Septic Issues

If your yard is soggy, you have slow-flushing drains, or your backyard has a foul stench, your septic system may be responsible. However, not all septic issues require system replacements to resolve them. Instead, you can restore your drain field with Mr. Rooter of Mid-Shore’s professional help. We proudly serve Easton and Cordova, MD with drain field restoration services and many other options for household septic and sewer systems. Our restoration process is called Terralift, and we gladly invest in the best service options for our customers. We apply our process simultaneously with a proven scientific process to restore your septic system’s life in a single day while disturbing your yard as little as possible. With our impressive solution, we ensure your drain fields return to working condition, and you save hundreds of dollars by avoiding excavation. We also recommend investing in regular septic tank pumping or cleaning to keep your system ready to perform.

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How Does Drain Field Restoration Work?

Mr. Rooter of Mid-Shore wants our customers to get the most out of their septic systems and drain fields without tearing up their properties to replace them. Our team carefully executes drain field restoration to keep our work timely and thorough, with minimal yard disturbance. You may be a candidate for our process. Let our service professional assess your septic issues and property to determine if we can apply Terralift. We’ve outlined the process below for your benefit:

Penetrating your Drain Field

We penetrate your soil by three to six feet using a long-narrow probe and integral pneumatic hammer. The exact depth depends on your leach field’s depth. The probe forces air into your soil with a high-pressure compressor. The air creates a network of cracks and fissures, breaking up the biomass on the trenches’ walls and loosening compacted soil.

Controlled Use of Air Pressure

Typically, air follows the path of least resistance, moving vertically and horizontally through the soil in your leach field. Our team repeats this operation every four feet around each leach field trench, according to soil conditions.

Making a Diagram

Our service professionals use dots of yellow spray paint to make a diagram of your yard, marking where we will apply the Terralift process. This step lets you actually witness the moving earth in your yard as we carry out our work.

Understanding How Your Septic System Works

Not every homeowner knows how their residential septic system works, so Mr. Rooter of Mid-Shore gladly educates them to understand better how our process can help them. A septic system is an underground wastewater treatment structure that properties commonly used in rural areas, where they may not have access to a centralized sewer system. Typically, this system includes a septic tank and drain field, otherwise known as a soil absorption field. Inside the tank, organic matter gets digested, while floatable matter and solids get separated from the wastewater. A soil-based system discharges the liquid or effluent from the tank, traveling through a series of perforated pipes in the leaching chambers, leach field, or another special unit. Over time, issues like biomass and compacted soil can hinder your drain field’s operation and cause issues. Fortunately, our residential drain field restoration process is suitable for many septic situations like these. You can contact us anytime to schedule service.

Turn to Mr. Rooter of Mid-Shore for Help

No two residential septic issues are identical, so you need to find a septic services company with ample training and years of experience resolving them at Maryland homes. Mr. Rooter of Mid-Shore is one of Cordova and Easton’s most trusted service professionals for many reasons. We have impressive expertise in residential septic systems, the issues affecting them, and the best solutions to restore their functionality. Furthermore, we’re a member of a nationally renowned organization comprised of reputable service providers. The Neighborly Done Right Promise™ backs all our work, so you can relax knowing we must uphold this organization’s high professional standards with our work and service quality. Even though we’re connected to this nationwide organization, we’re still a local business that cares about the neighborhoods and communities we serve. Below are several other reasons you’ll enjoy putting your septic needs in our hands:

  • No overtime charges
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Workmanship and parts guaranteed
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Convenient appointment times
  • Courteous, uniformed service professionals
  • Flexible service options

Reach Out to Us for Service in Cordova & Easton

Mr. Rooter of Mid-Shore is happy to help you keep your home’s drain field and septic system running optimally and in top condition with residential drain field restoration. Our highly trained and seasoned team puts customer needs and satisfaction first during every job. We’ll complete your septic project with timely and careful work while keeping the entire process transparent at every step. Don’t let your drain field degrade and suffer a messy and unhealthy disaster. Get in touch with us today to discuss your septic needs and schedule service, starting with an estimate.

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