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Most homeowners don’t put a lot of thought into choosing a septic system. It’s much more fun to think of other home upgrades, like a new kitchen or a bathroom remodel. But if your house uses septic rather than a city sewer service, you need septic system installation to be done right.

Installing a septic system isn’t glamorous, but it is essential. The right system stays out of sight and out of mind, while the wrong one leads to expensive repairs and headaches.

Thankfully, the licensed service professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing® have the expertise needed to help you choose the correct system for your home. Best of all, our installations are guaranteed, so we’ll do it right the first time or come back to fix it at no additional charge.

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How to Choose a Septic System

Our plumbers will happily explain your septic system options and walk you through the process of choosing and installing one. Our expert recommendations will help you choose the best system for your household and your budget.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a septic system to install:

  • The type of pump: A pump prevents blockage in your septic system. Generally, you can choose between a centrifugal pump and a turbine pump. Turbine pumps are more reliable because they require less frequent maintenance, but are also more expensive. Our technicians can help you make the choice based on your needs!
  • The type of tank: The tank design that best suits your home depends on the type of soil in your yard. Knowing whether your soil is gravelly, sandy, or full of clay minerals can help determine the type of septic tank.
  • The size of the tank: The size of tank you need largely depends on your home’s daily water usage. A tank should be at least 1,000 gallons regardless of your household size. Homes with more than three bedrooms should add anywhere from 250 to 500 gallons of septic tank capacity per bedroom.

Once you’ve made your choice and we’ve installed your new system, our helpful plumbers can provide tips for how to take care of your septic system.

Septic System Installation FAQs

How much does it cost to put in a septic system?

The cost of installing a septic system varies significantly depending on the size of the system, the soil, and various construction factors. The national average cost of installation is around $6,000, though installation costs can range from around $3,000 to well over $10,000. This number includes the installation cost and the cost of the system itself.

Can you install your own septic system?

You can technically install a septic system on your own, but we don’t recommend it. Septic system installation takes a lot of time and more importantly, a lot of plumbing expertise. Doing this important task by yourself can lead to costly repairs in the future, even if it saves you money in the short term.

What is the best septic system to install?

The best septic system will depend on the specific needs of your home. In particular, the size of your household and the type of soil in your area will determine which septic system best suits your needs.

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Mr. Rooter® Plumbing can take care of every step of the septic system design and installation process for you. You can count on our fair pricing, guaranteed workmanship, and exceptional service. We are dedicated to your satisfaction, and we maximize your budget to get you the right septic system for your household.

Installation isn’t the only service we provide. We can also help maintain your septic tank and perform septic tank pumping services when you need them.

Whatever you need, our courteous plumbers are a phone call away! Call to get started on your septic system installation.

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