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As a homeowner in Maryland, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about your sump pump, even though it’s a crucial component of your home’s drain system. Mr. Rooter of Mid-Shore offers services for residential sump pumps for homes in Easton and Cordova, MD. We offer residential sump pump installation and residential sump pump repair services. The job of your sump pump is to reroute water from the lowest part of the foundation to help avoid flooding in the basement. We all know Maryland gets a lot of rain, making a sump pump critical. If you experience a problem with your sump pump, our service professionals will diagnose the issue and find the best way to solve it, so you don’t have significant water damage during our next big rainstorm. Learn more about our sump pump services, and get in touch with us today to request an appointment.

Fixing Common Problems With Sump Pumps

Mr. Rooter of Mid-Shore works with all types of residential sump pumps, and we are happy to answer all your questions. You can count on our expert team, who has the experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to work on all residential sump pump systems. We highly recommend annual sump pump inspections to keep your home protected and avoid basement flooding. We offer preventative sump pump maintenance services that allow us to detect any potential issues early, so they are less expensive to repair and do not cause significant damage to your home and property. Do not leave sump pump problems untreated because your property could be in jeopardy. Our service technicians offer complete sump pump services and repair all common sump issues, including the following:

  • Improper installation
  • Clogged pumps and parts
  • Stuck switches
  • Basins overfilled with water
  • Pumps running continuously

We Install & Repair All Types of Sump Pumps

Our local drain and septic company serving Easton and Cordova residents is proud to offer comprehensive residential sump pump services in Maryland. We provide sump pump installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance solutions. You can count on our experts to determine if your sump pump can be repaired or requires a replacement. We can also assist you in choosing the proper type of sump pump for your home. We work with all types of residential sump pump systems, including varieties that plug into walls or are hardwired into the electrical system. We can install backups for sump pumps if you don’t have one in place. Our service technicians work on multiple types of residential sump pumps, including the following:

  • Pedestal Sump Pumps – These types of sump pumps are mounted above sump pits to provide our team with easy access when the pump needs to be serviced. Pedestal sump pumps are less expensive than other options and easy for our team to repair.
  • Submersible Sump Pumps – If you want a sump pump that is hidden out of sight, a submersible sump pump might be right for your home.  These types of sump pumps sit in sump pits. Submersible sump pumps can be cost-effective and quieter than pedestal sump pumps.
  • Battery Back-Up Pumps – We recommend installing a backup system for your residential sump pump. Battery backup pumps work with your submersible or pedestal sump pump and kick on when a power outage happens to ensure you aren’t without sump pump service, putting your basement at risk of getting flooded.

Things to Know About Sump Pumps

As a homeowner, you don’t need to be an expert in sump pumps because you can leave the expertise to the team at Mr. Rooter of Mid-Shore. However, we want to ensure you know a bit about the sump pump in your home. Knowing some basics could help you catch issues early on to help you save time, money, and hassle by detecting them before they become more challenging. The sump pump in your home is tasked with keeping your basement from flooding. Sump pumps have float switches that get triggered when the water reaches a specific level. Once that level is reached, the device will kick on and begin removing water from the basement. The water will be relocated to an outdoor area, often to nearby storm drains or wells. Your home’s sump pump has a battery-powered water-level alarm to alert you and your family of potential flooding when the sump pump malfunctions or overflows.

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We do it all when it comes to sump pump services. If you need help choosing the right sump pump for your new home or have a problem with an older sump pump, we can help. Contact us today to request an estimate.

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